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Re: Pointer disappears in game

by Memory4us

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Cursor disappears in game

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I have updated drivers, change mouse pointer and displays, gone back and forth from windowed fullscreen etc., checked that I have the latest patch (8) basically tried everything that I have seen online and still can only get a cursor to appear in the startup , menus and windowed mode.  It disappears in game and I cannot for example, open doors in Skyhold like before. I can interact in the dialogue wheel but have no response when using mouse to click on anything.  It started immediately after finishing the Knight's Tomb at the Emerald Graves.  In Combat the cursor even though invisible, becomes a crosshair which is difficult to target, as well as erratic. Then the character remains in combat mode (companions will disengage) long after enemy death, without any other red targets about.


Inquisitor Lavellan would be grateful for a reply because it's damn cold trying all this out on the Storm Coast.

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Re: Pointer disappears in game

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The most common reason for that symptom is almost always a Windows "Theme" that adds any kind of animation effect to the pointer.  Mouse Trails is always bad, and many of the Aero themes tend to be, also.  Stick with old school classic themeless settings on a game playing machine.   Be certain your drivers are working correctly.


nVIDIA's Geforce drivers are particularly variable and cause all kinds of problems in EA's games.

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Re: Pointer disappears in game

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I'm using an Alienware machine and the pointer theme is set to basic.  How come the cursor comes back if the windows key is pressed? It goes back to full screen again if mouse clicked.  Would buying a wired controller stop this?  Would a reinstall achieve anything?

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Re: Pointer disappears in game

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Sorry, but that was my single sure shot at a solution, along with the hint to avoid matching a Geforce and most of EA's games. 

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Re: Pointer disappears in game

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thanks anyway for replying, it's frustrating to be so far into the game without major hassle then to have this.

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