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Re: Crashing on Startup

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Alrighty. Adding my experience on this board. -_- My computer went rogue and update Windows 10. I was playing DA:I the night before, and when I woke up, the darn thing keeps crashing whenever I tried to start it again.


So in summary, solutions seems to be as follows:-


1) Turn off in-game Origins chat


2) Disable AVG or make an exclusion for DAI


3) Get on NVIDIA Control Panel, Manage 3D settings and set it to High-Performance.


Will try all 3 because I'm desperate. (I have clocked in over 1000 hours on DA:I and have all expansions, so I don't think I got "lucky" to get it work before.)


EDIT: OK. Tried all of the above, deleted and reinstalled Dragon Age and now it's working. Thanks for all the discussions guys. 

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Re: Crashing on Startup

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first, the game started to lag very badly then, it crashed with no error message. Now the game wont start, black screen appear with the game loading logo and also the game mouse, 2 to 3 second later it return to desktop with again no error message.


here my dxdiag

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Re: Crashing on Startup

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@xx_mistraven_xx Do you use AVG for your anti virus? If so does disabling it stop the crashing? If it does did AVG update in the last few days? I haven't heard of it being an AMD (Radeon) problem but, it's possible. One of the error reporting events is the same one I'm seeing in a lot of Nvidia/AVG crash Dxdiag reports.

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Re: Crashing on Startup


@xx_mistraven_xx Sounds like you might have a different issue than the others on this thread, the AVG issue doesn't cause lag or crashing mid-game. It could possibly be the reason the game isn't starting now (though, as DarkAmaranth said, this would be the first time we're seeing it on an AMD GPU), so if you use AVG it's worth trying adding an exception or temporarily disabling it.


Do you have the game set to use Mantle or DX11? Sometimes switching that setting can help. Also, with AMD cards it sometimes helps to turn off the Shader Cache for the game in Radeon Settings (Radeon Settings > Gaming > Dragon Age Inquisition > Profile Graphics, you'll find the shader cache setting in there). 
If you can't get the game to load, try deleting the ProfileOptions_profile file from My Documents > Bioware > Dragon Age Inquisition > Saves. This will reset the graphics options for the game, so if it's one of those causing an issue, hopefully it will let the game load.


Have you checked if there are any new drivers for your GPU? If there are, be sure to do a clean install (instructions in Fred_vps post at the bottom of this sticky).


If a post solves your issue, please mark it as solved, it may help others with the same issue in future. Standard smile

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Re: Crashing on Startup

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I was having this same issue, trying everything I could think of for the better part of an hour and temporarily disabling AVG worked within seconds.

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Re: Crashing on Startup

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Thx, you were right AVG was the problem.

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Re: Crashing on Startup

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How/ did they ever fix the problem? what do you do?


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Re: Crashing on Startup

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@Blazerdragoon wrote:

Started playing DAI yesterday and it was running fine, as well as last year when I last played.  No problems at all.  Later yesterday, however, it started this whole CTD bit and nothing I do seems to fix the problem.  Repaired, uninstalled/reinstalled, tweaked settings, updated drivers, restarted computer, reported to Origin.  Nothing.


SOLVED:  For me, the problem seemed to be an AVG issue.  Temporarily disabling it solved the problem for me.  For anyone using AVG, try temporarily disabling it (a few minutes should work), then start DAI however you would.

You, good sir, are a gentleman, a genius and a scholar! This was my problem too, and disabling it worked.


This started to happen last week with the upgrade popups. Shoulda seen it.

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Re: Crashing on Startup

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Son of a B**ch. It was AVG. THX

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Re: Crashing on Startup

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Bought game and same issue, black screen and crash every time. AVG antivirus was the issue.  Thanks, I was about to go to finally give up and go to help desk hell.

Just for reference:

Win 10, Radeon HD 7800 card.  None of the following helped:

Updated AMD driver to newest 16.6.1

Uninstalled game and reinstalled.

Turned off 'Origin in Game' , didn't fix issue, but still have that turned off.

Turned off sound cards.

Hitting esc key alot during loads (4 attempts) didnt help.


Turn off AVG for 10 mins, immeadiately ran.

Thanks much.  

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