Can't Connect to Keep - DA:I (PS4)

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Can't Connect to Keep - DA:I (PS4)

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I bought DA:I recently, and the functionality to connect to the Dragon Age Keep has not been working for me -- I've already contacted technical support (including waiting to talk to them for 3 hours), where I spoke to someone named Haider, who was very friendly, polite, and knowledgeable but ultimately unable to help me with this issue.


1: My PSN account and my EA account are set to the same e-mail.

2: When I contacted tech support, they sent me a verification e-mail (twice) which never came.

3: They requested personal information from me to verify the account, which I provided. Whatever process the advisor was doing with this information failed, and they couldn't tell me why and couldn't repeat the process.


The process did not work from EA's game advisor's end in any way. I've read through other people having this experience and didn't seem to find any solutions there, aside from occasional advice to contact a game advisor.


I purchased this game looking forward to being able to use the Dragon Age Keep, which is a brilliant technology and a groundbreaking project, so I really hope that there is some way this can be fixed.

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