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Re: Blank Tapestry

by lduchek

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Blank Tapestry

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When I enter the Keep and the Tapestry screen loads, there is no data, no selections on the left, nothing but an list icon in the top banner on the left, and a world icon on the right with the message 'Not Synced'. When I click on either of these icons, they turn red, but nothing happens. The Keep and the Tapestry worked fine the last time I was there (April 16th) and I had several world states, and a bunch of heroes. Now there is nothing,. The last world state I built was on that date, but now its all gone and it looks like there is nothing imported from any Dragon Age game. All I see is an empty tapestry page.


I am running this on a PC - Alienware AREA51_R2 with Intel Core i7-5820K CPU @3.30GHz. I have 16GB Ram and my video is a dual GeForce GTX770. I am running an up-to-date version of Windows 8.1. and the browser I have been using all along is Internet Explorer, current version 11.0.


I can start a new game and it will pull in my last/latest World State, but I cannot create any new ones or see any of my existing ones to modify. I get the same result whether I access the Keep from in game or through the web page with a browser. Since I have not used the Keep since April 16th, I have no idea what may have happened to cause this.



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Re: Blank Tapestry

★★★★ Novice

I have no idea how or why, but after three days of trying many different things as suggested by members of the BioWare Keep forum and nothing working to fix it, this morning the Keep and Tapestry are working fine, So this problem can be ignored. FM I guess.

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