[AVG/Avast] Inquisition won't open on PC (Re-occurring after Origin update)

by raynkure

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Re: Inquisition won't open on PC

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@montaron35 That is now done via Windows Updates. See this article from Microsoft.

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Re: Inquisition won't open on PC

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I've been trying to fix this * for DAYS and that sneaky little * AVG * it up.
A thousand thanks!

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Re: Inquisition won't open on PC

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OH my God! This solver the issue for me. I'm quite techy with this stuff and I was at my wits end trying to figure this out (i.e. running in compatibility mode, removing license in the EA folder, asking thread on the internet attaching my hashbin info, etc.). I went through 60 minutes of hell with a EA rep who had no idea how to resolve this. Dude, and you had the answer here all along. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Inquisition won't open on PC

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Thank you!!! Spent hours trying to fix this today and AVG was indeed the culprit. If only I'd seen your post before all the reinstalling and teeth gnashing... Standard smile

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Re: Inquisition won't open on PC

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I went into AVG and did what you suggested and then the Game played!  I had followed previous solutions suggested by the EA chat people.  I suspect that having followed all of these directions I have finally eliminated everything that was stopping my game opening after it had worked really beautifully until about 4 May!


Thank you



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Re: Inquisition won't open on PC

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Re: Inquisition won't open on PC

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YES!! That solved it, at least for me. Thanks for the tip.

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Re: Inquisition won't open on PC

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Hi guys, it's me again! XD
So, I haven't played in a while, and when I started again, my game crashes and turns off my computer. I know that my computer is generally too old for the game to work on, but it has worked so far. I also know that this issue isn't related to the thread per say, but I can still try.

I suspect that it might be overheating for some reason. Now, I am not a tech, so I will have little to no idea when you start talking about checking this and that - just tell me where I can do it, and it'll be fine. Standard smile

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Re: Inquisition won't open on PC


@ZetsuAiPlays I'ts not just that your computer is a bit old it's that it is well, well below what is required to run the game (that you managed to get it to run at all is somewhat amazing). Just because your computer has been handling the game so far, it won't continue to indefinitely. By forcing your computer to run something beyond its capabilities you can (and most likely will) wear out/damage your hardware. It's very likely that your computer will get to the stage (if it isn't already) where it can't run the game anymore, or where it just carks it entirely. 

The damage (if there is any) can also mess up your hard drives, as they are somewhat prone to being affected by damage to other components in my experience. If you have anything on your harddrive you want to keep, I highly suggest backing it up on external storage.


If you're determined to continue playing on that computer, and it's overheating (if you're not sure if it's overheating, I suggest using something like HWmonitor (it's what I use. You want the free version, not pro) to check), usually the first thing to check for is dust. 

As your computer is a laptop, you'll also want to make sure you're playing somewhere well ventilated, and not with the computer on your lap (despite the name, having a computer on your lap really isn't great for it, unless perhaps if you use a lapdesk, preferably one with fans). 

Is the game crashing immediately, or after playing for a while? If the latter, it does sound similar to my experience with overheating (though in my case the game just crashed to desktop, it didn't cause my whole computer to turn off). For me, it was a combination of a video card prone to overheating and the external temperature (it was summer. In Australia. Really hot, in other words Tongue out ). There wasn't really anything I could do other than not play when it was hot. Eventually I ended up replacing my GPU (now that it's winter I really miss my old one, it was a great heater Tongue out ), as the overheating really wasn't good for it or my computer.


If you're still having issues and would like more help, perhaps it might be best if you start a new thread, with a new dxdiag and a full rundown of what you've done, what's worked, etc. Might make things a bit easier to keep track of. Standard smile


If a post solves your issue, please mark it as solved, it may help others with the same issue in future. Standard smile

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Re: Current Issue May 2016: [AVG] Inquisition won't open on PC

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I battled for hours trying to get my game to run... tried everything Ii could find on these forums and from other sources...

Bottom line for me it was a silly easy fix that I just overlooked...  Right click your desktop icon > Properties > Compatibility... Check the box (mine went to 'for windows 8' as default)

Job done lol... I usually always check compatibility , maybe someone else has overlooked it and this will help

Good luck Y'all 

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