A Few Requests and Suggestions for DAI4

by StayxFrostee

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A Few Requests and Suggestions for DAI4

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I have a few suggestions and requests for DAI 4.


1.  I love this game and it would be nice to make it playable between major content updates. A few suggestions, and ideas. 

          a. Never ending deep roads. Simply have the game generate wandering mobs and have earthquakes periodically open and close new areas and passages.  Also, what about an underground lizard people civilization in the deep roads or the small enclave of ancient elves who are magically slumbering?!  As a part of this, I request that a bit more original D&D style dungeoning be added in and make the role of the rogue class even more important. Trapping, trap disarm, etc. I also love exploding pottery and boxes and it would be nice to periodically find stuff inside.
          b. A never-ending battlefield, similar to Hinterlands in the beginning but with strategic key points to strategize over.  Perhaps, an invading force with back and forth fighting to establish control over key points on the map.  Sometimes I crave that and it would be nice to be able to jump a map and fight against armed, intelligent foes.  In my best world, this map would also automatically change. I envision coming back to it every so often to find that different control points have been lost or taken while I was away. Adding a map room for the battlefield would be awesome, scout over there, attack enemy supplies here, etc.

         c. More sitting in judgment, please. It would be nice to be able to have 5 in a row on occasion.


2. A little more appreciation from my companions when I make them fantastic armor and weapons would be nice and make it part of the storyline as well. For instance, when I make a great bow for Sera, she thanks me in her weird way, makes me a cookie, and then challenges Verric and Bianca to an archery contest.

Thank you for your time and attention, I can't wait for the next iteration.  Big fan.


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