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Dragon Age 2 Unauthorized DLC

by Mattaiyah

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Re: Dragon Age 2 Unauthorized DLC

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Okay, the new fix, because it does change.

game installs.

ask it what DLCs are available to install it will give you a list. 

It will also tell you they have been installed before, but go to the list and reinstall them anyway.

Then go to games. Underneath the main game...reinstall every item, mage pack, warrior pack, etc...

skip all trailers...unless your dying to watch them they take up huge space.

Then when you go to the game...which might also have to download...

everything will be ingame...

If the game completely glitches or your box gets fried and hit by lightening....remember your going to have to go back and do this to play this game with dlc’s again.

It might play the main game...but not with all the might even skip the marabi sometimes. have beat EA and may now play your game...again.

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Re: Dragon Age 2 Unauthorized DLC

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When I ask what DLC's are available, either through origin or the game itself, it gives no option whatsoever to reinstall them. It says that they are already installed, as well as authorized , but only after i changed the value from 1 to 0 and deleted the MID line as discussed earlier in the thread. This causes the DLC to become authorized, which it previously wasn't, but it still makes no appearance whatsoever in game. I'm at my wits end at the moment and I have no idea how to reinstall any of the DLC's, if i simply reinstall the entire game then i still have the same issue with the DLC but cant load my character at all until I manually go through and change the values (again) on each and every DLC, which takes a good 20-30 minutes and is extremely frustrating to do only for the load to now function properly and the DLC to not at all, I just keep going back to square 1 

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Re: Dragon Age 2 Unauthorized DLC

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where the hell do i find game installs?


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Re: Dragon Age 2 Unauthorized DLC

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okay this is going to sound like a * question but where can i change this because i am honestly confused

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Re: Dragon Age 2 Unauthorized DLC

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i have a better suggestion. i say we all write EA and complain our heads off until they FINALLY release a DRM-free Ultimate Edition of this damn game, and then we can buy the fricken thing again, and it will ALL WORK WITHOUT US HAVING TO BE ONLINE.


am i the only one who isn't _always_ online or wants EA spying on my gametime?

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Re: Dragon Age 2 Unauthorized DLC

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@sirhcwarrior; I have no problem playing all three Dragon Age games, with 100% of the DLC, while completely off-line, even though they are (now) all installed via EA/Origin.


What, exactly, seems to be your issue?

Do the "trigger" locii not appear in your quarters?

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Re: Dragon Age 2 Unauthorized DLC

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well, that's darn interesting, since Inquisition  won't load for me without Origin, and Origin won't open the games without being online. DA2 *never* loaded the DLC without first hitting the EA server. DAO is the anomaly, since i DO have the Ultimate Edition with all DLC and no DRM.


so, lucky you, but my net connection was one of the things screwing up DAI for me, and then when i had all those issues with the DA2 free DLC i finally just gave up. i didn't need the dog that much anyway.


still, none of that addresses how much nicer it would be to NOT have all these issues getting stuff to work. the Ultimate Edition of DAO that i downloaded of GoG games was absolutely plug and play. would be nice to have that with DA2 and DAI. i get it - it won't happen, but for my part i think it's just a money grab and it's annoying how many issues people have had. honestly, i've had a WAY EASIER time _modding_ my games (DAO, and DA2, after i decided screw the DA2 DLC).

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