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Dragon Age 2 DLC Won't Install

by DeusRising

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Dragon Age 2 DLC Won't Install

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Here is the issue:

Dragon Age 2 DLC "Legacy" and "Mark of the Assassin" will not install from either the Origin Client, or from the website.

Other DLC has installed correctly and is functioning, including "The Exiled Prince".

When DLC Installation is attempted via Origin this error message appears:
The download server is not responding. Please give it a few moments and try again. If the problem persists please contact Origin Help.

When DLC Installation is attempted via the website this error message appears:
Legacy requires Dragon Age II to be installed first
Please install Dragon Age II and try again

Dragon age II is installed in the default directory:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Dragon Age II\bin_ship\DragonAge2.exe"

I have tried repairing DA2 via Origin, and also done a complete uninstall / reinstall of both DA2 and the Origin Client.

I have attempted to run the Legacy / Mark of the Assassin installer downloaded from the website, leave the error message box open, opened the DA2 Launcher, clicked "OK" on the error message box, closed the DA2 Launcher, and then retried the Legacy / Mark of the Assassin installer.

I have also contacted Origin Help which directed me to these steps (or the ones I had not tried already). They tried re-issuing the DLC to my account, which did not work. They then said to wait 24 hours and try to install them again, as others are having this issue as well and gave me a 15% coupon code for my wasted time.

After some research I also found a vague tip to clear the download cache. After locating it, I found it to be empty.

Does anyone have any possible solutions for correcting this issue?

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Re: Dragon Age 2 DLC Won't Install

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Hey, the THE NETWORK IS HAVING PROBLEMS issue is affecting a variety of games and is being investigated. It seems to be intermittent, so it's worth periodically trying the download again.

Thanks for your detailed post, but for now the issue appears to be on our end.

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