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Black Emporium: Missing english text

by W_Artean

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Black Emporium: Missing english text

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Hello, I have recently bought Dragon Age 2 and the DLCs pack from Origin. I switched the language from French to English because I wanted to play the game in English.


I am at an early stage in the game (Act 1, haven't left Kirkwall yet) but I noticed a problem : pretty much everything concerning the Black Emporium DLC is missing its text ! The map only show the icon of the Black Emporium, not its name, when i press TAB the NPC and the various objects in the cave only display a little gold arrow and not their name as they should... There is also a completely blank entry in the 'Lore' section of the codex which I assume is related to this DLC. (the Sebastian cutscene introducing The Exiled Prince DLC is in English and working fine for now, so at least not all DLC are concerned by this problem)

So I looked into the game installation folder, into 'addins\da2_prc_eye\module\audio\vo' and there is only a 'fr-fr' folder in it. Since my whole game is in English I would have expected a 'en-en' folder alongside it. I may be wrong. ^^


So I switched Origin to English and reinstalled the DLC, but the problem persists. No text in the game and no 'en-en' folder (assuming there should be one). I read in a topic that Origin only download the DLC in the local language, and that a workaround was to download the DLC manually from the Bioware Social site. Unfortunately for me this site no longer exists. Frown


Since the Origin application seems decides on its own the language my DLC should be played in, I wondered if there is a way to 'influence' its decision, and force it to download the Black Emporium DLC in English. If it is not possible, is there another way to manually download the DLC files in English ?


Thank you in advance.

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