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Anyone figure out how to get Dragon Age 2 to work on Mac yet?

by mpwhart

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Anyone figure out how to get Dragon Age 2 to work on Mac yet?

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I got this game for Christmas 2011 (physical disc), installed it in January (2012), and it never worked. Crashes shortly into the start of the game before I can get any kind of save in, makes it unplayable. It doesn't actually update which through searching I've seen is a common Mac issue, and I don't know anyone who has gotten the Mac version to work. I tried everything to get it to work back then, no solution, went back to it like a year later and tried to find a manual patch of 1.04 but it doesn't exist, and have gone back to it every several months since. I just spent a few hours again failing to find the patch for Mac but finding the Windows patch everywhere. Seems odd when as far as I know this issue didn't exist on the Windows version and they never made a Mac patch I guess. Perhaps some users made a Mac version of the patch? Anyone hear anything? It'd be cool to actually be able to play this game some day. I loved Dragon Age Origins.

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Re: Anyone figure out how to get Dragon Age 2 to work on Mac yet?


I haven't heard anything yet. Apple has a bad habit of making programs incompatible with their OS updates. I've experienced this with professional software I used and I had to jump through hoops to get Spacechem working.


I doubt EA / BioWare will do anything about it now because the game is several years old, Mac has a smaller userbase for gaming, and it's entirely possible that a new OS update will wreck it again.

I don't work for EA.

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Re: Anyone figure out how to get Dragon Age 2 to work on Mac yet?

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@mpwhart;  Have you tried WINE, and/or Bootcamp, and/or one of the other "Windows-on-a-Mac" solutions?  Yes, you'll need to acquire a legitimate Windows license, but if you have other reasons to occasionally run Windows software (or you just really, really want to play DA2) it might be worth it. Angel


[EDIT:  Not sure if this would help, but I remember that when the "Retina" display first came out some players with those new Macs had crashes until they adjusted the resolution to one of the native Windows ones (1920x1080? 1280x1024? 1024x768? Something like that.  It's been a while... Thinking )  But maybe you already tried that?]

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