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by crzycespy

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I've literally played every Bioware game at launch, or there-abouts, and I somehow missed DA 2 (My son had just been born, I was working 60+ hours a week...yeah, totally missed it). I just installed and went to play it. I'm using my low end media PC, but it still has an r5 1400@3.9, 8GB ddr4 pc 2400 @ 3233 12-12-12-23, and a 4GB rx 580. I'm getting 25-31 FPD and the occasional 40 on the menus. I set the details to high defaults, no improvements. AA of, long distance blur, off, post processing, that's off too. I've tried numerous things to help (after finally getting it to run in full screen which was annoying as well). I can't run in dx9 as the card does not support it (I tried and resulted in me having to reinstall the game as it would not launch, and there was no way to get to the settings to change it back to 11 (I probably should have tried checking the .ini file but did not think of it until I started typing this.


Anyway, problem. FPS avg 27 (between 25 and 30)


Win 10 Home 64 bit

r5 1400

8 GB DDR4 pc 3233


4GB rx 580 (DX10-12 + Vulkan and Open GL support)

All drivers up to date.


Game settings: 25-30 FPS

Very High. Everything maxed besides AA at x4 and posts pocessing x4 (It defaults to this but w/AA x8 an PP x8)

High: Same settings, 25-30 FPS

High: Standard settings 25-30 FPS (Turns of AA and PP, long distance blur etc)


So basically, nomatter what I have the settings at so far I am getting 25-30. Any ideas? I have a retro PC but Origin used to make a stink about accessing from a new PC and eventually locked my old account out of games in general, it was ridiculous, as I owned the games on fricken disk. Origin should not have been launching for ME 1-3, DA:O w/Awakenings, DA: I, KotOR etc, but it locked my old account and fricken game codes at one point (I have 5 different PC's myself and my son use in the house, It would be nice if Origin let us use them all for whatever we wanted).


This is the only game I have a problem with. DA:O is perfectly fine. KotOR, fine, ME 1 perfect, but this is a nightmare. I get over 150 PC with everything maxed on Madden accept the crowd set to medium along with blur, and I can't get a steafy 45-60 in DA II? Seriously? Please tell me there is a work around, I don't care if it is buried in the files somewhere.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: AWFUL FPS DA 2 w/ RX580


Could you post a dxdiag file? Maybe we can find a clue in that.

I don't work for EA.

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