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please wait scanning for downloadable content...

by domfather

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Re: my dead space 3 keep on scanning for DLC for 10 hrs please help

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I know this thread is a little outdated. Played the co op with a bud the day this came out. awesome co op game. years later came back for a revisit and had the same issue as described here. Ran all the scenarios did port forwarding, plugged directly into modem bypassing router. reinstalled origin, disabled anti virus, ect... ect... Here is how I got it to work for myself. I uninstalled origin,  not the game itself. reinstalled origin right from their not launch Origin yet. then I went to : start, control panel, windows firewall, allow a program or feature through windows firewall, allow another program, browse, find your Origin folder and click open on the Origin application icon, click add. go back into allow another program, browse,  add OriginClientService , repeat add OriginER. When done you should have 3 origin icons in the long list of allowed programs and features under windows firewall. make sure those 3 Origin icons you just added are checked. reboot. Now open Origin and launch game.



Hope this helps

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