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Origin In Game Unavailable

by UACDeltaX

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Origin In Game Unavailable

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I'm having the same problem as everyone else with Origin overlay working properly in DS3. I tried every fix out there on the internet for about a week with no success. Last night it randomly started working. Until I restarted my PC to see if it would last. Now it doesn't work again. This is quite frustrating.


The only thing I was doing at the time was trying to enable the DMZ setting on my router to make the NAT type message go away in the co-op menu, which doesn't seem to affect my ability to see other players. I can still see them when my NAT type is strict. So I clicked the option off and went into DS3 again. The first time it said the DLC Awakened was corrupt. I pressed Alt-F4 out of the game. Went back in and boom Origin overlay started to randomly work. I couldn't believe it. I've tried to duplicate everything I had done with no success.


Could this be an issue on Origin's end? Or is there something with my setup that temporarily allowed a connection with Origin servers? The other odd thing is that achievements will pop up in game but the overlay is completely disabled. I also had Steam service running in the background when it was working which contradicts what I've read about other overlay applications affecting Origin. Then one time when I right clicked on the Origin icon in the task bar and pressed exit. For a split second I saw the little Origin bar that is displayed when you hit Shift+F1 in game. It was towards the top of my desktop screen and disappeared. I'm really perplexed by this issue. Could this be a display issue and not so much a network issue?


Anyone out there have any ideas?

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Re: Origin In Game Unavailable

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I was playing around with my antivirus settings and I figured out the problem. I'm using Bitdefender and I disabled active virus control and the Origin overlay is working now!

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