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Re: Dead Space 2 Elite Suit

by GenObiOne

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Dead Space 2 Elite Suit

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I have played through Dead Space two times. Once on a regular playthrough, once on New Game +. I have found all of the regular suits, but none of the elite suits spawn. I have done some research and read that EA was working on getting the suit spawns to work correctly on pc. That was a conversation time stamped well over a year ago. Has there been any progress on this? I am currently at a save point where an Elite suit should be very nearby, and I have looked online to make sure that I am looking in the right place, but its not there. On my previous playthrough I looked for them and didnt find any, are there any suits like this for the pc or are they only for the consoles too?

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Re: Dead Space 2 Elite Suit

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Same here.  I have all the suits that came with the Collector's Edition but none of my subsequent playthroughs have given me schematics for the Elite suits.  The Elite Vintage Suit schematic is supposed to be by the engineer statue at the Transit Hub, for example..  Nowhere to be seen.  It'd be nice to get that bug fixed.


A couple of hours later...  Found the correct patch.  Everything works fine now.  New suits, new weapons.  Very nice.

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