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Strict NAT-type and firewall

by buexta

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Strict NAT-type and firewall

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Hey there!

Everytime I try to play Multiplayer mode I get this massage "You seem to appear behind a strict firewall".
When I then search for servers I can't find anyone.
I disabled Windows-Firewall and antivirus but same problem.

Now I'm out of ideas. Thanks for all kinds of help

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Port Forward for Crysis 3 PC

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I have my NAT strict on Crysis 3. Can anyone tell me wich ports should i forward? I found the ports for xbox and ps3, but not for PC. It's funny when EA creates a thread in with the ports to forward just for the consoles! Funny and sad too.

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Re: Port Forward for Crysis 3 PC

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Hi just switch off your router for about 3 min. And switch it On again it works for me.
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Strict NAT, Firewall or whatever it is...

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So, when I open game and click "multiplayer" it says I'm behind a strict firewall, after this I can only find 10 servers and only one of them has players



I tried enabling all the ports it says in "readme" file, didn't work

I tried closing my antivirus + windows firewall, didn't work


I'm out of ideas, anyone can help me? :l

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what the hell is the **bleep** with the Nat type strict
Why do you use something like Ubisoft, Ubisoft loses by such multiplayer so many customers and players. All other games can be played without any problems with Nat type. Such as Killzone3 or NFS Most Wanted. Because now I have the Nat type strict, I can barely play the game. Players die with me very late and I'm dying with one bullet in armor Mod
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Re: Nat-Typ

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his problem may happen for the heavy network traffic/ unknown  Nat type.
this can signal that a router within the user’s home network is blocking the information from being shared.

here r some possible solutions that may help:
#clear temp files.(in run type %temp%)
#clear your dns cache.(in cmd type, ipconfig/flushdns)
#u can port forward.(visit


remember to click xp if helped

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