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by broosmi

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Hi aremniandave,


I had to do a bit of research myself on this one as I am not familiar with the error but I think I might have some suggestions for you. The first suggestion is a reinstall of DirectX. As the problem may relate to an issue with DirectX itself, a good starting point would be to perform a clean install of DirectX. You can either download the latest redist pack from or by going to this location on your system: C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Crysis 3\__Installer\directx\redist (this is the default folder, you may have it installed on another drive, either way it should be easy to find).


In the folder linked above, you will see the DXSETUP file, please run this setup file, this can potentially fix any corruption that may have occurred with DX on your system. I would class this as a definite fix but it is a good place to start.


The next step is to go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Crysis 3, once here find the Crysis 3.exe, right click on this and go to properties. Select the compatibility tab and  tick the box marked "Disable desktop composition" and hit apply. After this, run the game again as normal and see if there is any difference.


I hope this helps. Let me know how you get on with this.





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You're not familiar with one of the most reported complaints and common errors in the game?

Thanks for letting me know I wasted 80 bucks and that it's all Microsofts DX's fault.... AS USUAL when an EA game doesn't work blame MS and hope for the best.


I suggest you open up a Yahoo "search" engine and paste in DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED Crysis 3   , and after your down picking your heart up off the floor from the surprise at seeing the 1000's of people who are having issues with this problem, you can come back here and apologise to us all for failing to take responsibility for an error that is both common and the responsibility of EA to fix.


LOT's and LOT's of ATI and NVIDIA users are both having this problem...






Personally, I'd consider setting up a "Refund Page" to allow folks to obtain a refund on this. I mean really, I am a bit angry, who's fault is that? Microsofts, I suppose?


 2x crossfired 5970's ATi

1090t Black Edition AMD

32 gigs of ram....

I have a full arsenal of all sorts of games from BF3 to COD to MOH's... ALL of them work without a problem.


Need more be listed?





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Re: Crysis 3 Texture Resolution High settings issue & DXGI ERROR DEVICE REMOVED

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Gee Thanks!.... 


 You've sent us to a page that doesn't exist.......


An error occurred!  

Refresh this page or try another search term at the Help homepage.


How about being honest with people and just telling them you don't know what the problem is?

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Hi alienwired,


So this is your second post targetting one of the community managers regarding the help we are trying to give. Both messages have been quite rude and very unhelpful.


If you re-read my last post you will see that I said I had to do some some research on it, my research gave me the two suggestions I provided above. This is what you do when troubleshooting a problem, give suggestions in the hope that it will help and if it doesn't move on to another step. I did not blame this problem on anything specific, I am simply trying to help.


If you want help, that's great I'll be happy to try and help out but try not be as aggressive the next time you post. 





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crysis 3 dxgi error device removed

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after start game show window dxgi error device removed

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No man, rude is when a CUSTOMER pays 80 dollars for a game that doesn't work, and then is told that this error is "uncommon" while so many people are having problems. SO you and 3-4 other EA reps are offering up solutions that are completely pulled out of no where that do not work when implemented, when in the end we ALL know that it's mostly a problem that is on the software called CRYSIS 3.


Forgive my supposed "rudeness", I didn't realise that we were all supposed to pay homage to the EA gods while we beg for a solution to a problem that should have been alleviated at development, but was shipped anyway.


I am sorry if my frustration at blowing 80 dollars on a game that doesn't work comes off as a bit RUDE, MY APOLOGIES!





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Re: Re:Rude.....

Community Manager (retired)



I have already attempted to offer you some help with your issue, I'm assuming from the fact that you are posting here, that the title of this thread is the problem you are having? If not please correct me on that.


Now first off you seem to have misunderstood what I said in my first post. I did not say it was an uncommon issue, I said I was not familiar with it meaning I did not know the exact cause, hence why I suggested some troubleshooting steps. I can definitely understand how frustrating it can be when something isn't working quite right (I'd be pretty annoyed too if I were in the same situation). However, aggressive posts like the ones you have already created have no place in a conversation when people are attempting to help.


Like I said in my last post, if you want help great; we are happy to give it where possible, but you will need to work with us in order to try and get past what ever issue it is you are having. 


If you are willing to work with me on this then I need details of what is going on and what you have done in an attempt to fix the problem already. That is the only way this is going to work.









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Hei bro thamks a lot youe advise work very fine very god job thanks now i play this wonderful game , my only regret is im play on post-uman difficulty and the game still a bit easyConfusedmileylol:

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Hey rick,


Thanks for the attempt to fix but it was a no go. Any other ideas?


Thank you,



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Re: Re:Rude.....

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You attempted at dressing me down for being rude that's for certain and I was going to apologise, but, I simply refuse to apologise for something that isn't my fault, I paid nearly a $100 dollars for that game, I've done everything under the sun, every suggestion that I could possibly find to fix the DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED issue, to NO avail. Including making sure I ordered the proper 1200w Corsair PSU to power my GPU's.


The frustrating part is the fact that I am being forced to chase down errors that someone else got PAID to fix that never was fixed.


Think about it.... I am paying nearly a $100 dollars to spend hours upon hours trying different solutions, all of which do not work.


I've reinstalled DirectX, both from folder and from from MS(couldn't update from MS because MS recognised my drivers as being ALL up to date), I've turned down the mhz on my cards to no avail, I turned OFF Crossfire, I've overclocked my CPU 's and GPU's and nothing.


 I was even sent to a page that DIDN'T EXIST by EABARRYand was told to follow the instructions on there to the T, then to have you complain about my rudeness......


Yeh, ok...


You don't seem to understand the "service" part in Customer Service. We aren't here for YOU, we all pay good hard earned money and EXPECT SOLUTIONS!


I can tell you one thing we don't expect is, we don't expect to be dressed down for being frustrated at the level of incompetence that seems to have become so prevalent at EA and the amount of money for which they are charging for their flawed games.


I am not going to say that I am one of EA's most VALUED customers, but I definitely have bought my fair share of EA games in my lifetime, how much longer do you think this will be the case if we customers are continued to be treated in such a manner? 


I think it's only fair that I get reimbursed for this game AND GET TO KEEP IT for when there is a future solution.


Considering that I've spent about 8+ hours trying to fix errors using solutions that you folks offer that do not work, and then have to backtrack all of the suggestions so as I can ensure my OTHER GAMES RUN, yeh, EA owe's ME!


Shall I send you or them the bill for my time or how about my congressmen or the Better Business Bureau? 







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