Now that Cross Progression is here: what you need to know

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Now that Cross Progression is here: what you need to know

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Now that Cross Progression is here: what you need to know


Cross Progression is now available for all players. To access cross progression simply log into your Apex account and click through the prompt window. After you have clicked through the window you will then be able to access your Apex account on any platform, simply log into the platform using your EA account.

Important Links: 

Commonly Asked Questions:

How do I know if I have cross progression?

Cross progression has now rolled out to every player in Apex Legends! After receiving the “Cross Progression is now available” screen and clicking through the prompt, you will be able to play your Apex account on any platform.

To access your Apex account, login to your desired platform using the same EA Account as your account.


I didn’t see the merge account screen when I got the Cross Progression prompt:

The merge screen (shown below) will only appear if you have multiple eligible accounts linked to your EA account when Cross progression begins on your account. 

If you do not see this screen it means you only had one eligible account on your EA account and no merge needed to occur, your account was simply converted to a Cross progression account and is now available to play on different platforms.




Not all of my accounts were shown on the account merging screen:

Only accounts that were linked to the EA account at the time of receiving Cross progression are eligible to be merged together. 

There are a few exceptions for accounts that will not be merged:

  • Accounts that are linked to a different EA account
  • Accounts that are banned
  • Secondary accounts that were created after October 26th 2023


I didn’t receive the content (skins,etc) from one of my accounts:

Accounts unlinked: 

If you unlinked your Xbox/PSN/Switch/etc from your EA account, even if you relinked it, it's possible this content would not have been merged across. 

As warned when you unlink, unlinking your platform from your EA account breaks the connection to your game progress. Relinking does not guarantee the restoration of this connection. 


Separate EA accounts:

If your Apex accounts were linked to different EA accounts the content cannot be merged. 


Cut-off date- Oct 26, 2023

As explained in the original dev blog, if you started or linked a secondary account/platform after October 26th, the content from this account will not be merged. 


Banned Accounts:

If your Apex account was banned prior to Cross Progression, then any content on that account was not eligible to be merged.


Can I play my account on multiple platforms at the same time?

No. Once Cross Progression takes effect, you will only be able to log into the account with one platform at a time. Cross Progression is essentially creating a single profile used across all platforms on the account, so this can only be accessed by one platform at a time.


If I have two EA accounts, is there a way to get the progress on both of them merged?
No. We cannot merge profiles that are linked to different EA accounts.

If I unlink my console or Steam account from one EA account and then link it to a 2nd EA account, will the progress merge on the 2nd account?

Progress is stored on the EA account level, not individual platforms like Steam, Xbox,   PlayStation, Switch, etc.

Cross Progression allows you to access the content on an EA account with any platform connected to that same account, not bring over progress from a different EA account.

If you had unlinked a platform to try this out and ended up losing progress as a result, you'll want to re-link that platform to the original EA account to try restoring the progress.

I am missing some of my badges:

We are aware that certain badges may have been lost during the Cross progression process, we will look at restoring these in the future and release more information about this in the future.


I was level 500. My progress reset to 1:

In Season 14: Hunted, we increased the level account for all accounts from 500 to 2000, details of this change can be found here. There are now four groups of 500 levels you can progress through. If your account was previously shown at level 500, rather than losing your levelling progress, you have simply moved into the next tier of levelling progression


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