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new update stuff + for the ability to change passive your self (updated daily)

by frostysniper1942

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new update stuff + for the ability to change passive your self (updated daily)

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★★ Guide

Post hosted by me & Cleaned up by @Tempora_Draconis

Legends of the community! Welcome to the BIG IDEA page. Below are not just my ideas, but ideas from around the community. If you have any ideas at all, feel free to reply to this thread as many already have. You don’t have to, and I will ALWAYS ask permission before posting anyone’s ideas here. Everything below has already been approved.


  1. EXCHANGEABLE PASSIVES & TACTICALS   What this means is for every Legend you unlock you can level them up. Much like in EA’s other game; Plants VS Zombies : Battle for Neighborville.  Imagine leveling up your main Legend, then changing the passive to something more of your style. Here’s an example: say you play bloodhound and you’re a sniper. Well, what if you could change the tactical or passive abilities to something that can make sniping easier. With Raven Eyes, as an example, you see targets way out of view. Or when playing as Bangalore: instead of the passive ability she has you can switch it out with a new one that when incoming fire comes your way a smoke canister starts spilling out smoke to hide you from enemy fire, or something of that sort. Again, they’re just examples, but they can be used as ideas, like the stuff down below.


  3. Bloodhound: Knife Lunge - Bloodhound lunges forward with their blade. Inflicts a bleed effect if connects and is faster and has longer reach than normal melee, but shorter reach than Gibby’s proposed shield charge.


  4. Bangalore: Flash Banga - Bangalore swaps her 2 smoke charges for flash-bangs. Being flashed obscures vision for 4s.


  5. Lifeline: Emergency Transfusion - Lifeline can sacrifice her own health to immediately restore a teammate in need. Her own health is easier to restore via consumable. (*This one probably needs rework/overhaul)


  6. Gibraltar: Shield Bash - Gibraltar dashes forward a couple feet (Think sword dash from Halo) with his shield on, if it connects targets are pushed aside, slowed for 2s and disoriented for 3s (Vision obscured/blurred).

  7. Gibraltar: bubble should slow enemies that walk through it so they can't rush inside the bubble as easy.

  8. Pathfinder: Overcharge Jump - Pathfinder overcharges his legs to increase jumping height by 3x for 5 seconds.


  9. Caustic: Rupture - Instead of traps, Caustic ruptures a canister attached to his body, effectively creating a moving gas cloud. Gas cloud fluxes so he’s never at exact center to improve utility.


  10. Mirage: Shuffle - Works like current iteration of decoy but you cannot control movement. Instead you utilize control button to switch places with your decoy.


  11. Wraith: Dimension Hop - Wraith teleports to random location where another of alternate selves inhabits. Dimension hop prioritizes spawn point away from combat in a certain radius to keep her safe or make flanking more viable depending on situation.


  12. Octane: Adrenoshot - Fortify health +75. Instead of speed, Octane injects a different drug for more combat utility. Effect lasts 10s and expires. Now has 20s cool down that goes into effect after effect expires.


  13. Wattson: Tesla Trap - Deployable devices (3-4 max) on surface (doors, walls, etc.) that electrifies and ticks health of anyone caught in a 6 ft radius. Could be proximity activated similar to caustic traps.


  14. Revenant: Blink - Teleport short distance. Less range than Loba and can only be directed in straight line.


  15. Loba: Staff Strike - Loba utilizes her staff offensively, strikes in 180 degree sweep 5ft in front of her. 


  16. Crypto: Drone Pulse - Like the drone, but the signal emits from being activated on Crypto himself for ~8 seconds. Useful when Crypto needs to move & be more offensive.




- Gas traps which stun enemies, but don't do damage



- Electric proximity mines



- Drone which heals shields, only up to 50 shield

- Small dome shield/aura which protects against storm/gas damage

- Healing pulse which immediately heals 25 health to player and nearby allies or even enemies



- Your footsteps become silent for a short period of time

- Enemy footsteps become louder for a short period of time, the range is also increased.

-my idea bloodhounds raven just like cryptos drone except it has a wider range and is real not robotic



- Short range teleport



- Deployable barricade which restores health or shield to player and nearby allies or enemies

- Deployable barricade w/ proximity trigger which deals shock damage to nearby enemies



- Increased agility for a short time. Movement speed and jump height/distance increased.



- Decrease damage intake for a short time



- Increased health regeneration for a short time

idea by 031567

Tactical: Stim

Run 40% faster

** Throw a stim (like a grenade) at a teammate allowing them to move faster**

-- Have to throw it before activation or before the stim ends


- Brief invisibility. 2-3 seconds


EXCHANGEABLE PASSIVES provided by @031567 


Sharp Eye: “Eye of the Allfather” has an increase in area of affect

Bloodthirst: Certain amount of damage on impact of the ability “Eye of the Allfather” Depending on range of impact.

Prey: Beast of the Hunt last longer but you run slower

Can’t Hide: When you ping items from your passive ability you get an alert of where the enemy is for a short period.

Hunted: When you ping an enemy you get information of what legend, weapons and equipment they have.

my idea foliage camouflage  when u sit down in trees bushes and tall grass and any kind of foliage like the swamps u start to blend into your environment after 5 seconds.



Ring Cover: Receives reduced damage from the ring while in the “Dome of Protection” ability

Break This: Can take more incoming damage by the “Gun Shield” before it depletes

Protector: “Gun Shield” covers more area on Gibraltar, but he walks slower

Like a Rock: Enemies take damage when they pass through “Dome of Protection” 

I See You Brother: Enemies affected by Gibraltar’s Air Strike will be revealed to Gibraltar



All Patched Up: The Tactical “D.O.C. Heal Drone” ability could give more health over time

BFF D.O.C: The Passive “D.O.C. Heal Drone” when reviving a teammate follows an enemy target movements to block damage

Your Covered: The Tactical “D.O.C. Heal Drone” puts a shield out while giving health

Your Done For: The Tactical “D.O.C. Heal Drone” puts a shield around a teammate or yourself when doing a finisher

CLEAR!: The Passive “D.O.C. Heal Drone” shocks nearby enemies when nearby



Never Too Far: Increase range in grapple and zipline abilities

This Is Fun Friends: Reduce grapple recharge time by 5 seconds

Stick Together: Reduce Incoming damage while on a zipline

Were Going To Win Friend: While using a survey beacon. Pathfinder can see the next and last ring

Coming Friend: Pathfinder grapple does damage to enemies on contact.



No Stopping: “Swift Mend” can replenish more health over a shorter time.

Adrenaline: When using “Stim” you run faster and longer

Rock On: When “Stim” is activated Octane receives less incoming damage

Going Up!: Everyone who uses “Launch Pad” receives less damage 3.5% in the air. Since aim is more difficult.

PLUS ULTRA: Hold Tactical ability makes Octane run long as needed but you lose health at a steady but slow rate.



Waking Call: “Into the Void” activates instantly as pressed. 

Somewhere Else: “Dimensional Rift” is longer in range and have twice as much time to run with. 

Not Going Back: “Into the Void” last for a longer period of time

There You Are: Passive gives direction to any danger nearby.

Time Drift: If enemies pass through “Dimensional Rift” they are slowed



Try Harder: “Smoke Launcher” is  thicker to see through.

Strong Storm: “Rolling Thunder” strikes cause a larger explosion.

Evasive Maneuvers: Passive can partially evaded slowing effects when sprinting

Warfare: “Rolling Thunder” does damage to enemies affected.

Armed and Ready: Bangalore can see enemies through “Smoke Launcher” more easily



Not For Long: Receives less damage while near a gas trap or nox grenade

Spectator: Can see enemies affected by Nox in a red outline

Can’t Hide: Can throw gas traps farther

Finished: Caustic has an increase in melee damage

Experiment: Gas Traps and Nox Grenades last longer



Not Over Yet: “Encore” ability last 3 seconds longer

Bamboozled: “Vanishing Act” All the Decoys run straight forward in the direction there aiming, Instead of standing still in a circle

Keep Going: Decoys lasts 5 seconds longer and run faster

Acting: When you send a decoy on a knockdowned enemy/player they will pretend to revive or do a finisher

Tricked: Mirage can send a decoy while invisible



Still Standing: Fences can receive more damage before they are destroyed

Electrical Engineer: Wattson takes less damage from “The Ring”

EMP: When a fence is destroyed it leaves a small electrical explosion.

Volts: When fences are connected they do more damage

Battle Charge: Fences are a bit taller in height and can go farther in width 

Not Over Yet!: Fences can no longer be Destroyed, but are deactivated for 14 seconds each time the fences are damaged



Warning: While in your drone you're alerted if enemies are near Crypto in a small area. 

Always on the Move: Your drone will slowly move and scan for enemies while activated, while not controlling it.

Hacked: Crypto’s drone can hack more items like trains, terminals, respawn beacons, etc. 

Electrical Failure: EMP scrambles HUB signals for enemies and everything the EMP hits activates/hacks everything such as doors or supply crates.

Break the Game: When Crypto’s drone activates the EMP inside the ring, the ring will do reduced damage to Crypto and squadmates for as long as the EMP status effects are active. Only works once per match.



Legend Level Rewards - LvL 0 is given upon unlock

LvL 1 - 15] Normal Apex Pack

LvL 20, 25, 30] Epic Apex Pack

LvL 40] Predator Legend Badge that upgrades with each subsequent level

LvL 50 (Max)] Legendary Apex Pack & 3 Passives to exchange with current one & Max specific Legend predator badge


Bloodhound -

Passive 1] Scanned enemies will take 20% more damage and have 2% slower movement.

Passive 2] Recent enemies (within the last 45 seconds) will leave behind footprints instead of tracks. Less information, but better tracking.

Passive 3] Scanning reveals teammate location as well, and provides your teammates with a 25 health vortex shield during the duration they are scanned.


Gibraltar -

Passive 1] Gun shield has reduced health (25 points), but completely covers Gibraltar.

Passive 2] Dome shield reveals enemy locations nearby and deals damage to enemies inside (Gibraltar takes damage inside as well).

Passive 3] All teammates have a gunshield, but the shield has 20 points of health and longer cooldown. The gun shields go away if Gibraltar is eliminated.


Lifeline -

Passive 1] Heals are used 15% faster and don’t slow you down (healing while running forces you to walk).

Passive 2] D.O.C. creates a shield while healing, including while reviving teammates.

Passive 3] D.O.C. generates pulse scans while Lifeline revives her teammates.


Pathfinder -

Passive 1] Pathfinder scanning survey beacons will cause a pulse scan that reveals enemy locations within 50 meters of the beacon, no ring location.

Passive 2] Tactical cooldown reduced by 10% per each round, including the first round.

Passive 3] Teammates are given a temporary dome shield when downed, as is Pathfinder.


Wraith -

New Natural Passive] Voices of the void say the specific weapon types (AR, Sniper Rifle, SMG, etc.) when triggered.

Passive 1] Being shot it will automatically cause Wraith to hide in the void for 2 seconds, but it activates instantly. Cooldown of 20 seconds.

Passive 2] Teammates can be brought into the void if they are within 15 meters.

Passive 3] Instead of revealing through an audio cue, enemies are scanned.


Bangalore - (She really doesn’t need anything changed about her kit anyways. She’s been perfect since launch because she isn’t too powerful or too weak.)

Passive 1] Automatically deploy a smoke canister when reviving or being downed.

Passive 2] Smoke is denser around enemies, allowing you to know where they are located in the smoke screen of anything.

Passive 3] Allies cloak when inside enemy and friendly smoke screens, allowing them to hide from enemies far easier.

Passive: Weapon Expert

I thought about this one for a while, but honestly think this would fit more to Bangalore. Instead of Double time, Weapon Expert will passively reduce weapon recoil and stability lightly, and provide a 25% increased reload speed.

Caustic -

Passive 1] You and allies can see enemies through nox gas, but you all take damage from it.

Passive 2] Being shot will cause a very small gas cloud to surround and follow you. It deals damage and allows enemies to track you.

Passive 3] Teammates are healed by smoke rather than damaged.


Mirage -

Passive 1] Decoys will spawn on teammates whenever they are created as well as spawning off of you.

Passive 2] After deploying a decoy, you will cloak for 5 seconds, allowing you to REALLY escape a fight.

Passive 3] Decoys surround the enemy who knocked you once you are downed.


Octane -

Passive] Reviving teammates happens far quicker, but they are only brought back with 1 health.


Wattson -

Passive 1] Reviving a teammate will give them full shields.

Passive 2] Fences scan enemies instead of just revealing what fence they crossed.

Passive 3] You can switch your fences into tesla coils. They don’t reveal locations, but deal constant damage to nearby enemies instead.


Crypto -

New Natural Passive 1] Forever Family : Crypto’s sister will automatically use Hack to aid his squad if he is downed. Hack has reduced detection and health, and the player will control it as if they were his sister.

New Natural Passive 2] Always Prepared : Crypto’s drone reveals what Legend’s are scanned to him, and him alone. He also knows what ammo types the enemies are using while they are scanned.

Passive 1] EMPs create radiation fields that deal 1 damage per second.

Passive 2] Your drone creates a small shield that defends you while it is on your back, but you can’t shoot enemies while it is there.


Revenant -

Passive 1] Shooting an enemy will reveal their location to you and allies for 3 seconds. Cooldown of 13 seconds.

Passive 2] Silencing teammates will give them 5% ultimate charge and reduce tactical cooldown by 1 second.

Passive 3] You can become a shadow every 30 seconds for 8 seconds, during which you can’t deal damage, can move 30% faster, and can’t be downed.


Loba -

Passive 1] Healing items are revealed through walls, including ALL heals.

Passive 2] Ammo is revealed through walls, including stack count.

Passive 3] Enemies are revealed through walls when within 15 meters.




  1. LEGEND TUTORIALS & CAMPAIGN: Lorekeepers will like this idea as it offers a chance to dig into the Legends’ backstories through gameplay. Some Legends, like Wattson and Pathfinder, would not be as much fun, but there could still be some backstory gameplay where we discover how each Legend was brought to the games, and why they did so. The tutorials would help with explaining how to properly utilize the Legends abilities as well, so this idea feels right
  1. AMMO PACKS: Ammo packs should be added, and yes, they would behave very similarly to backpacks. Essentially they would be ammo exclusive, but they’d have less space, and ammo would probably be removed from being able to be stored inside backpacks. They would still be upgradable with 2 as a base, then going up by two for each rarity (excluding legendary, which might just have an effect with the epic’s space).


  1. ADD A NEW GRENADE AND MORE SPACE: We need a flashbang grenade for apex, as it is kind of a staple for rushing an enemy. Due to this new grenade being added, we would need some extra space in our bags (assuming the previous doesn’t take effect) and that could come in the form of grenade slots. Two for EVERYONE, not just offensive classes, and that would allow the new ordnance to be put in place.
  1. LEVELING SYSTEM FOR NEW PLAYERS: What I am saying here is this we need a leveling system for new players and old players because I've been in matches before with players who are at such a low level that they don't know what their doing. Then I die because they are still figuring out the controls and how the guns shoot or their surroundings. I know that Battlefield has something like this that helps with both noobs and oldies where it’s based on your experience with shooters. I am a really good player when it comes to Bloodhound as a sniper and usually I am able to get a couple kills here and there, but still we need more of a leveling system so players who know what they’re doing are with other players who know what they are doing as well






Main hall: were everybody spawns in a shopping mall type zone with chill music were you can walk around checking all stablishments with tons of players in the mall


mirage´s Cantine: go chill at mirage´s cantine and play some card games against other players and if you are a risky person you can bet red coins while playing


shooting range: the same old shooting range but can be access it through the shooting range establishment


bangarsenal shop: where you can shop or check for your weapons and skins when you are not in the main menu


and the best area


Rev´s guns and fear stadium: take your team to fight against another team or alone against another player to fight in the stadium´s battle yard with a random loadout and win red coins and if players watching you play from the seats play a bet if you win the gunfight part of the enemy bet is going to you and the ones who bet for you take back their bet while taking a little quantity of red coins as a reward

path´s and octane´s speedy grappling race: enter the gate of paths stablishment and join other players on a crash racing course in their own arena, the arena has a track with obstacles, explosions, fire and jump pads and much more to offer for a fun and epic race choosing either octane or pathfinder as your racer and race the other players to the end, the the first second and third winner win their corresponded red coin reward, the races are available every few hours so hurry up to enter the race and if you couldnt join you can still watch the race from the arena´s seats and bet for a racer if you want to.


the households: go to the households to visit the household seller and buy with your red coins one of many options from cheap to luxury apartments that you can customize with furniture you buy with crafting materials like kitchen stuff, beds, tv´s where you can spectate players that are playing on the race or revs guns and fear arena and many more options, you can invite your friends to your apartment to chill in there or join the matchmaking to enter to a match if you are on the apex pit, (if you saved for a better apartment you can sell your previous one for a quantity of red coins and then buy a new one)


nessie´s watts: just a fun and peacefull electrified boxing ring to fight other players for their red coins


the winter wonderland: enter the gates of the winter wonderland to go to the top of a snowy mountain to chill and socialize while hearing chill music (too much destruction and losing wouldnt be right for players am i right?)


caustic´s science ice creams: buy some ice cream and have fun at the arcade machines in caustic´s science ice creams thats the second phase of the apex pit social and training area and thanks for everyone that followed and liked my previous posts, thank you so much, i dont feel letted down thanks to all of you, all this community of concept makers are my inspiration.


  1. TRACKERS FOR EVERYTHING: These could give info on specific guns/grenades/revives/blah, blah, blah. This would simply make it so we can ALL understand each other’s skill levels. Granted with better SBMM, this would not be needed, but it would still be fun to brag with whatever was needed.


  1. EVO HELMET: Basically like the evo armor, except it’s for the helmet. It works the same way and is very strong against headshot damage. TEMPORA_DRACONIS offered that the  Heirloom quality has 35% headshot damage reduction. Which is 10% more reduction than a Legendary/Epic helmet 


  1. MUSIC PACKS AND BACKGROUND SCREENS: Essentially, we need a better randomizer for music packs and one for the loading screens that are offered in-game. This would give people a lot more fun in-game, and Apex might gain some popularity out of it.

LEGEND BUFFS provided by @SerpentDescend


1-Slightly increase Mirage cloaking duration and speed while cloaked when he is downed.


2-Enemies who shoot your decoys will be marked with an arrow above their heads for 5s. Marked enemies receive 15% additional damage.



1-Increase wall climbing height and speed. Add special crouch walking animation for Revenant.


2-Silenced enemies healing and recharging items take longer to apply. Silence also disable abilities cooldown during its duration.


3-Legends who enter shadow mode can climb indefinitely and crouch walk faster. They also make reduced footsteps and climbing sound.Shadows have additional melee damage and speed. Deploying death totem and using it doesn't make sound for enemies. Kills/downs as a shadow increase HP and extend death protection timer by 5s.


4-Add Revenant voicelines from fight or fright event.



1- Passive: Octane have increased speed when he is healing/recharging. Replaces old passive.


Tactical: Move faster and regain health over time (25 HP total). No HP penalty. 35s cooldown. Octane can inject his teammates with stim for slow health regain (takes 5s).


Add low profile for Octane.



1- Passive (Identity thief): Scanning a downed enemy with the drone or finishing them would scan their teammates and reveal their location for 5s. Scanned enemies receive 15% additional damage. Crypto can use survey beacons.


2-Slightly increase drone health, Decrease the time it takes to recall the drone. Add a bar that shows the drone HP to Crypto and the drone HUD. The drone should alert Crypto and his teammates when it is being aimed or shot at.


3-EMP makes recharging shileld items take longer to apply, glitch enemies HUDs, Disable their ability to ping and their maps show Crypto logo instead for 10s, Crypto receive reduced effect by his own EMP.



Passive: Loba can see deathboxes through walls as part of her passive eye for quality and is able to open blue supply bins. Increase blue bins spawn rate from 20% to 25% and increase items rarity in them.



1-Scanned enemies receive 15% additional damage. Bloodhound can use survey beacons.


2-Decrease the time scanning takes before readying up your weapons. Enemies remain scanned for 1s longer.


3-Kills in beast of the hunt form increase Bloodhound HP.



Rockets explode slightly faster and have less stunning effect on teammates.



  1. MORE PINGS AND IMPROVED COMMUNICATION WHEEL: We need more specific pings for people to use. Here are some of my own ideas I've been thinking about for a while. Since I've been playing, I started out as Bangalore and a sniper, then went for Mirage as a sniper, then back to Bangalore, and now I am Bloodhound. I am a sniper, and people always ping things I don't need. The problem is that players don’t know what everyone actually wants, so here are my ideas:
  2. Weapon class ping, meaning when you want a specific type of weapon like sniper or shotgun. It would add a ping where you can ask for that, then you could have a drop-down menu that offers the weapons inside the class. For instance: ARs -> R-301, Flatline, Hemlock, Havoc, etc.


  1. Flanking here ping. I've been in matches where I've tried to flank one side and tell my team that they need to go here, then they get me killed because we were going in on the same flank. With the go here ping it doesn't usually work so the flanking ping could be used both ways where you can say flank here then a I’m flanking here ping.
  1. Wait and fall back pings. Being a recon/scout would mean you should be able to tell your team to wait in case the area ahead is under fire. You could also use both to make sure your team sticks together. Fall back is more for retreating than anything else, and it would simply allow us to all keep each other safe.
  1. CRAWLING: Crawling could help this out too, but even adding it in would change the game with HUGE mechanics for sniping and much more.

ideas from the world wide web aka reddit users 


Balancing (legends):

This is every balance change i think should be made for every character

Bloodhound: "Perfectly balanced, as all things should be"


Lifeline: "Perfectly balanced, as all things should be buff her drone, it should either A. heal faster or B. give fast heals when using it (25%), maybe nerf the rez by making it a 5 sec rez and not 4 sec.

Pathfinder: Buff his tactical cooldown from 35s to 25s


Wraith: Make her Passive feel substantial by telling the player what direction they are being looked at from, otherwise she's good in her current state.


Caustic: Make his gas obstruct vision a little less, for  teammates, making it more team based with out making it too broken.


Mirage: Just make the decoys have some amount of AI when not being manually controlled, let them climb, strafe and slide.


Octane: give him a passive speed boost but reduce his stim boost back to 30% (so when he uses it, it still totals up to 40%) and i saw this idea before on another post, maybe make him give a mini AOE adrenaline boost when the stim ends, to make him more team based like the devs said they wanted to.


Wattson: Shes good, just don't make her ult zap friendly nades.


Crypto: Let him deploy his drone by throwing it like a grenade in order to lessen those situations where you have to leave your team in a 2v3 to use your ability.


Revenant: give his totem its range back, but increase the range by 35 - 50%, and maybe increase the damage to 30 so it actually feels more substantial during a gunfight.


Loba: Fix her tactical and reduce the length of that animation after she teleports.


Starting with Gibraltar. Multitool.

I think a multitool heirloom would fit right in, as Gibraltar is a member of S.A.R.A.S.. which is short for Search And Rescue Association of Solace. It would also have plenty of possible emote variations.

It's very much possible that some of these ideas have been brought up by others, but I hope either my ideas for the heirloom or animations could stand out.

Bangalore. Bulletloader.

In the timeperiod of both Titanfall and the Apex Legends games there must be some sort of automatic bullet loader to quickly fill your magazines with fresh firepower. The animations could show her taking out a bullet and inspecting it or giving robotic speech to tell how many magazines remain in your inventory of your first slot weapon.

Caustic. Research fieldkit.

This kit would contain various kinds of equipment for fieldsresearch, such as a testtube contain green liquid that would disolve plantmatter as an emote, a pen to write on a clipboard out of schreen and a small pocket watch, to determine the time of death.

Wattson. Stunbaton.

A stunbaton. It is no gruesome looking lethal weapon, but is still shockingly effective, which fits her character well. The handle would have a Nessie doll integrated. The emotes would consist of her playing with the electric current and as a rare emote, she would play with the nessie doll as if swimming in the air.

Crypto. Data Knife.

Ofcourse the great hacker should have a modernized and personal crafted dataknife which would show various holograms from the hilt as an emote.

Revenant. A coin / shadowblade.

Yes a coin sounds rather bland, but it has to do with the meaning of coins or money in general, which is quite a lot. One thing money is known for is that you can use it to silcence people woth it, if that doesn't work then a blade will. In Greek mythology it is explained that coins were placed on the eyes of the dead to pay the ferrymen. The blade part would only manifest upon dealing a melee attact, which would bring forth either an Aztec ceremonial knife (used to cut out someone's heart) or an Egyptian Khopesh. As an idle emote Revenant can show a similar thing as his signature emote of doing a balancing trick with his silence ability orb, but than by rolling the coin over his fingers and balancing it on his fingertips and maybe even flicking the coin (like you decide wether someone dies or lives).


NEW IDEAS PROVIDED BY @Peri_Longbow_plz 


Spotting 2.0

Enemy spotting right now is a crucial part of surviving, but far from being accurate or truly helpful. You usually create a marker at an approximate location, instead of the enemy himself. Over voice chat, you can very well explain where the enemy is located, but not everyone has voice chat, and several disable it before the match starts. So instead of relying on a voice chat or pre-made teams, I came up with a small, but efficient concept that could help balancing out coordinated and pre-made teams among the random teams.


Spotting 2.0 will function similarly to the current (f) key press, and will be performed the same way. Two crucial differences are how markers are set, and what huge meaning it will have to spot an enemy. If you ping a location with (f) that does not have an enemy in your approximate crosshair, you will set a normal marker. Your character will say something along the lines of "Enemies have been sighted here" or "Enemies have been here". Should you now actually spot an enemy, and ping him, an invisible 'debuff' will be placed on him, showing him as a faint outline through walls to all team mates and for as long as the enemy is in the line of sight. The advantage is clear: Every team equally has the chance to spot enemies efficiently, see how many there are.


Should the pinged enemy/enemies leave the line of sight, a marker will be placed on the last seen location and when the enemy left the line of sight, helping out the team to identify any potential threats.


Looting 2.0

Especially lately I have been dropped in a lot of loot scarce areas. What makes the whole drop more annoying through is that my team mates instantly go for the two weapon slots, and if I'm unlucky, I will end up with nothing, basically being the useless part of the team. Despite noting and pinging that I really need a weapon, I won't be given any. The same kinda happens with a lot of things. Healing items, ammo... Here is where the Looting 2.0 will come in.


Should a team start the game now, there will be 3 crucial things that can be done before the drop and landing even happens.


For one, people will be able to set their preferred weapon type. For instance, I want to go with a shotgun. So I set a personal preference to shotgun, which will then be shown under my health/shield bar on the bottom left corner of my team mates. If I want to be more specific, I could also note that I want a Mastiff, so people can instantly see what I'm looking for in case they find it.


Secondly, people will be able to set their distinct approaches among of 4 core roles: Ranged, assault, defense and support. Setting it won't really have any effect, but gives an estimated idea to your team what kind of approach you will have on the game.


Thirdly, upon drop, people will be able to set a collective point. If someone pings a location, and both team mates agree to it, this ping will be set to a collective point. This collective point will stay well for 180 seconds after the drop, well indicated to the team. This should serve as a re-collection point after looting, making catching up with your team more easy.


With this said, now let's move to the actual looting part. Should your team land somewhere, and this place has a scarce amount of loot, there are a few things that can happen now. First of all, weapons will now be shown underneath the player icons, indicating which weapons who has. While it doesn't have much of an effect on team play, it can help to indicate what kind of ammo people could be looking for if they need it. Another thing is a new warning. Should your team pick up weapons, and someone who already has a weapon tries to pick up another weapon, they will pick it up but a warning will appear on their screen indicating that Team Member C does not have a weapon yet.


Another important element I would find crucial is how consumables are spread among the team. Often, people just grab EVERYTHING. Regardless of whether your team could also need some. I saw people ending up with 3 stacks of shield cells, while I had none. In the first 60 seconds, I think every team member should be limited to 1 stack of consumables in your inventory. While it does sound silly, it could help out.


Automated notifications, better indications for team activity

How often did you find yourself in situations where someone did something, and you didn't know about it? You suddenly see an open door, and you assume enemies were there, pinging the door. Or someone suddenly wooshed away, using a jump tower. Several more of those things kinda confuse the teamplay.


Here is a list of short, automated notifications that will help even if just a little:

  • Should a team mate open a door, this door will be lit up for 30 seconds. Should you ping a door a team mates has opened, the team mate's character will respond with "I was there" automatically.
  • Should a team mate use a jump tower, this teammate's character will say "Using jump tower".
  • If a team mate stops or uses a train, the character will say so.
  • If your character or the character of someone else picks up noise from unknown sources, he will notify the squad. "Hey, someone might be here".
  • Should the ammo reserves of a team mate be low, this team mate will automatically notify the squad that he needs a certain ammo type.

Those 5 will help a lot improving team work.


UI Improvements for team-friendly information sharing

I think it should come to no one's surprise that the UI is very minimal for team work. I already noted one thing: Used weapons in the little boxes. on the bottom left of the screen. But there are several more that I feel like would be helpful to communicate better passively.


For one, I think being able to fully see the inventory of your team mates would be a good way to determine what they could need. I'm a very team-based player, and usually reserve 2 slots for team mates so if I see something on the way I think they could need, I pick it up for them. Being able to see their inventory could help me as a team-based player to help them out passively.


Another important thing would be to be able to see your team mate's line of sight. Now that might sound silly and should probably become an optional option, but especially during surveying, it would help a ton to be able to spread out the views a bit more.

provided by @PixeledSoul 

Just a few things to keep in mind so that the game stays fun. THIS IS COMING FROM A GAMERS POINT OF VIEW

- DO NOT make some legends season exclusive

- The battle pass must be purchasable using in-game currency, this gives people who cannot afford the battle pass a chance to purchase it if they grind. 

- direct level uppers (eg: instantly go up 15 levels) should only be available near the ending of the season

- you should not base the way you earn xp for ranking up the battle pass from player level because as you level up your character it becomes harder to get to the next level. They should be decided in a different way, for example specific missions you complete on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis.

- it is preferable to make the first five stages of the next battle pass free for people who purchased the last one. 

- create a battle pass booster which can be triggered before a game which boosts the amount of xp you earn towards your level or battle pass for one game.


Other Ideas. 

-Mastery ranks for different legends, you unlock different stuff exclusive to legends the more you play as them, it can be anything; skins, emotes, finishers, etc.

-Instead of a blank screen while waiting for other players, you should be in the ship or waiting to board the ship. 


  • A better sense of progression: The most obvious one. Give us a combat record which is only for ourselves to see, and introduce some cool long-term goals (Legendary attachment with a kill counter like in Titanfall 2, which you acquire once you get enough kills with a gun, anyone?)

  • Solos. I personally don’t care much, but many do. It has to happen. Make squads the focal point and put in a disclaimer about how the game was designed for squads, I don’t care how you do it, but introduce solo play.

  • Building on that, I think a 4 or 5 man squad mode would be awesome with the variety of legends we have. Again, nothing wrong with having modes that the game isn’t necessarily balanced around if you always keep our current mode there as the most competitive and «true» mode. For now the playerbase is so big that queue times won’t be an issue.

  • Adventure mode? Hear me out. A big part of the mass appeal of BRs is how you can socialize, play it your own way, basically enjoy a small, loot-filled adventure with your friends. So make a game mode for those who love a good loot simulator, where there are no hot zones and legendary loot may be found in awkward and out-of-reach places. Do it for limited periods or for weekends only, but it’s clear to me that a lot of players are going back to Fortnite because it feels like a more casual experience (yes, I do know that Fortnite has a very high skill ceiling, but most players don’t explore that ceiling). And yes, sweaty players will invade the gamemode to farm noobs. But hopefully there are ways this mode could be made rewarding to the adventurous despite this.

  • «Anomaly» events: I’d love it if every match had a small chance of spawning an anomaly event, such as a supply ship with more and better loot, an objective that can be captured for a big xp reward, a part of the map changing, the possibilities are endless.

  • Cosmetics befitting a first person shooter. Yes, skins will continue to be the most sought after cosmetics even in an fps (knowing that we look good is enough). But I’d like to see some tastefully implemented stuff that can be attached to your weapon, or shown when dropping/ in flight, or not-quite-as-rare-as-heirlooms melee weapons (and what about reskinned respawn drop ships? lol).

  • Make the champion/kill leader banners around King’s Canyon more relevant/ prominent/ interactive. I don’t know how, all I know is I loved this feature when the game came out, but now I never glance at them. What about a limited time gamemode where you can ping the banners to learn something about the champion/kill leader? (His or her general location, gear, etc). Like a bounty mode, basically.

  • Adding to that, the respawn mechanic was another stroke of genius. Give us a players respawned tracker. And what about a few unique «thank you» voice lines as a cosmetic unlock?

  • Collecting banners by performing finishers: much like the Battlefield Bad Company series let you collect the dogtags of your enemies, let us collect those wraith69_ttv banners and have a nice private collection accessible from the menu. Meaningless, but fun. Imagine having Dizzy or your friend’s banner for bragging rights.


For now, the list is complete, but open-ended. If you have any ideas, feel free to share them among the community down below. And if you want them added, please tag me, so that I can. I’ll also be working on my own ideas to pack here, so check frequently! Also, if you like these ideas, feel free to leave some XP. Go check out everyone mentioned too also hope u have a great day and week! also heres a link to another post of mine for guns and attachments and ordinances new post for guns and attachments and ordinances  also new post called map and shooting range ideas  i hope u click these links to my other posts cause the community helped make this post and the other ones thank u for helping me out everyone peace out for now

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Re: new update stuff for the ability to change passive your self and more

★★★★ Guide

The idea of progression has always struck a chord within me. I like your idea of Bloodhound having a easier time sniping -as his character is like that of a hunter. Alas... there'd be more balancing that would have to take place on the developer's end ofcourse. Not saying it would not ever happen, but it certainly is an interesting topic. I like your creativity around Bangalore's passive- which incorporates her Smoke launcher "spilling" smoke out to mask her escape or assault. 

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Re: new update stuff for the ability to change passive your self and more

★★★★★ Apprentice

Dont worry, I understand the spelling mistakes, (I do plenty all the time 😅). Back to your ideas, I actually liked them. It would be cool to have your favorite character adapt to your type of gameplay. It would be really cool. Also, it can turn kind of boring to always have the same kit of abilities, being able to change them at least slightly could make you feel as playing a whole new character all over again. It would definitely make the game more self refreshing. Now, with the P2020, I think I can quote everyone by saying that it is pretty anoying to drop on a hot loot zone and only find a P2020 while a more lucky player kills you with a Havoc. I think it would be nice for the P2020 to have some buffs, not a lot of the,though, since it is supposed to be a bad weapon anyways. Only that it would be nice to have more oportunity against more lucky opponent at the beginning of a match.

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Re: new update stuff for the ability to change passive your self and more

★★ Guide

thank u for supporting this yes the leveling system will problemly need changed to help around with this but with the ability to change your passive and ultimate and tact it will help bring in more players who love to shape their chachther to their own playing style

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Re: new update stuff for the ability to change passive your self and more

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@StarMystro thank u i just used it as a example but thank u
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Re: new update stuff for the ability to change passive your self + more ideas!!

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@frostysniper1942 Wow, I never thought about that Day/Night cycle. Perhaps they could make the new maps have night versions that are added to rotation?
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Re: new update stuff for the ability to change passive your self + more ideas!!

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@Tempora_Draconis thats even better then what i thought of
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Re: new update stuff for the ability to change passive your self + more ideas!!

★★★★★ Apprentice

OMG, first of all, my favorite characters are Crypto and Loba. Crypto because it has a pretty cool story and can be pretty handy for your team and Loba because she can help her team get the best loot on the game with both passive and ultimate. My favorite weapon, is definitely the Havoc, even if there was a time it was broken, I still consider it a very solid pick for both early and late game (also, its selectfire mode is really underrated, it can be an assault rifle and a sniper at the same time!)


Now, returning to your post, I LOVED how you implemented Tempora Draconis’ and Crazy Lol’s ideas. My favorite of Tempora’s ideas gotta definitely be the energy weapons, since its my favorite type of weapon. Meanwhile with Crazy’s, I will go with the chilling area, I really loved the ammount of things he suggests to be implemented to the firing range. But being honest, I loved them all. I personally think their ideas are VERY cool, and who knows? Maybe we might be able to gain enough attention for the devs to add any of our ideas.


Of course, your ideas are just great to! Since last time I read your post, I have been thinking on the personalizing features we could have for each legend’s abilities, besides, the p2020 buffs look pretty promising too! The new ones are not different, they are GREAT too, the ammo back is onw I would literally kill in order to get it. The grenade stack change would really lead me to using ordnance more often, and the side quest for every legend’s lore doesnt looks that far from coming thanks to the amount of fans who loved this season’s quest (myself included 😅).


Thanks for sharing such ammount of ideas, and I look forward to see what others do you add.

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Re: new update stuff for the ability to change passive your self + more ideas!!

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@frostysniper1942 Ah, I have a minor boost to the Evo-Helmet idea. Simply say that the Heirloom quality has 35% headshot damage reduction. This is 10% more reduction than a Legendary/Epic helmet
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Re: new update stuff for the ability to change passive your self + more ideas!!

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@Tempora_Draconis okay ill make sure to add this
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