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Re: Small improvment for mirage

by TissuePaper77

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improvment for mirage "This is another level of bamboozle"

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This is a small improvment for mirage


While Holding Q and moving the crossair left or right and then relesing 

the decoy will move with a turn depends on how much the player moved hes crossair


whch means if a player moved hes cross air for 30 degres the decoy will take a few steps forward and than turn 30 degres to which side


now lets say hes turning 160 degres the decoy will move some steps forward and than turn 160 degres

which means the player will keep moving forward and the decoy will go backwards


now i thing its necery that it will do those first steps just so it can elimante some bugs that you may run into in the future

just to take precaution


heres another addition to that improvment


lets say the player holds hes Q down and shake hes crossair left and right 

this will lead the decoy to run in zig zags left and right


BUT there will need to be 2 turns to the left and 2 turns to the right atleast

so the code could caculate the average between them so he can tell at what angle to turn 

and how much time each turn should take


i think this should fit hes character more and give a better expirience for and gameplay for those who like that character


thats it look forward for it

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Re: Small improvment for mirage

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This is another level of bamboozle, interesting.

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Re: Small improvment for mirage "This is another level of bamboozle"

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pop up

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