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broken shield, reward system

by LightlyDrippedTT

Original Post

broken shield, reward system

★★★★ Novice

broken shield:


new item broken shield

it has 25 sp if tier 3 has 100 tier 2 has 75 and tier 1 has 50

than this will be the tier 0 and it will have 25 shield points

but heres the catch if the shield gets downed out of its 25 points

than it cant be refilled



Reward system:


since there is aleady talk about a reward system

ill just share my thoughts on how it should be


1st place: 100 crafting metirials + apex pack

2nd place:50 crafting metirials + 200 legend tokens

3rd place 30 crafting metirials


Community credit:


give the community credit for thoughts taken from us

im not sure if you are already doing that but

if not than you should it shows us that you listen

to our thoughts and it let us know that you wont steal with out giving the cretid 



well thats it for now thank you <3 peace GG

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Re: broken shield, reward system

Community Manager

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on shields, improving the reward system, and community credit. We're currently keeping track of discussions like this one on those looking for a more meaningful reward to finishing 1st in the ring. 


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