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We need something new

by LightlyDrippedTT

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We need something new

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This is more of a general suggestion and a most have 

so im gonna cut right to the chest


we need something big and new


i know the season pass just dropped out and the dev team is working their hardest to improve the game

but im afraid it just aint gonna cut it


the season pass is nice but you can do better 

the skins are weak and it dosent seem that its warped up just as good as players imagined it would be


the designers will have to be more creative and give the skins more color(not in the literal way)


the game it self is awesome the characters and the way it designed

the new character octane gave us a real hype but after sometime it went down

and now we are stuck


if you want to keep the game alive and want the old players to keep playing

youll have to give us something new around everymonth or atleast a month and a half 

just like a beta game 


if you will take a notice a lot of the gaming community loves to play beta games 

cause they are getting big patches every month or so that whats that keeps the hype around

and let the players exp.. the best time (without bugs ofc) even though that there are some bugs that can be fun


now im not saying pop up all your ideas out but give us something to holdon untill the next battle pass 


give us a new map a new character A FREAKING BETTER EPIC SKINS THEY ARE WEAKKKKKK 

AND THIS IS A BIG NOTE BETTER SKINS if you want to sell out improve the skins some of the legenderys skins are cool af 

BUT there are still a lot of rare and epic skins that look downgraded near a normal skin 


that is just something youll have to improve on and not just change


as for the big thing it can be a map mode more options for teamplay

more characters something like that, that youll need to think of 


and i dont mean something medium like a recap cam it wont cut it


you want your game to survive make it shine you want it to keep on living

make it that the players have something to hold on and keep playing

casue with this generation time is valuble they feel every seccond just as a week passed by


you need to realize that your running against a huge community that is hungry 

for "EXTRA'S" we can call it 





what a cut to the chaise was it anyway 


if the community agrees here hit that XP button so it can move forward to the development team 

idc about the fame but the game needs to improve 


and trust me when i say i know how hard you are working to make everything better and improve 

but on the same side you dont want to be eaten by new or other games 

its all about survival and learning from mistakes



Edit:Oh and about the characters you can start from looking at the creators corner your self 

cause there are hell of a lot cool characters build up here

and it will show that you do give attention to us

and that you hear the players as well

it dosent matter how much ideas you got youll need to listen to the players as well

and not just through the people that you made admins here 

and there are not just characters ideas there are a lot more that you guys need to look at here some of the ideas are crazy af




hope you took it to heart and that you even saw that massage :3 have fun gg


urs truely No one

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Re: We need something new

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I totally agree with you. I love playing Apex but it’s starting to feel like I’m playing the same game over and over again. I think EA/Respawn need to take a leaf out of Fortnites book and continue to update the game and keep us updated via social media. It doesn’t have to be as frequent as Fortnite. Maybe one new Legend and gun every month with a few minor map updates. As you said, there is a lot of fan concepts designs on here that I think would suit this game (maybe a few tweaks here and there). So if they run out of their own ideas, they can take ideas from the community which in its self is a great reward for being a fan of the game. 

Back to Fortnite again. I played that game for 16 months before I got bored of it. I spent money on Fortnite (less than what I would pay for a full game), and I would buy new games for full price. Yet, I would always go back to playing Fortnite because they kept updating it. Guess which game got me to stop playing Fortnite altogether... Apex. However at this rate, if a new BR game comes out, I will probably ditch Apex for that game, just like I did CoD. 

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Re: We need something new

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thanks for the reply

i same here without constant update atleast a month or so 

these game will get boring cause as you said just doing the same over and over again

with no change espacialy when yoy play it everyday for a few good hours

it feels like you do it over and over

theyll need to put something new every month or so 

just like a beta game

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Re: We need something new

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pop up

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