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Re: Thorn, a new Legend Idea and Pictures

by FlamingSpark

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Thorn, a new Legend Idea and Pictures

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(See the Pictures way below for a better look into the Abilities)


Legend - Thorn 


Passive - Hyper Growth

Melee Strikes apply a slow damage over time effect onto the enemy hit doing roughly 10 damage over 5 seconds. While afflicted, they cannot heal. Each hit uses a charge and must reload for 1.5 seconds after every strike. She is able to press H like the Gibraltar Gun Shield to not use it and prevent from wasting a charge. After 3 Strikes she runs out, but can find seeds around the map to reload/regrow the weapon. Could have some amazing animations with this ability I think! (Basically pressing E near a cluster of Alien Plants outside grants a seed)


Tactical - Sap Syringe

Stabs a homemade remedy into herself that applies several positive and negative bonuses. The Plus-side is it gives; temporary +50 Shields, Fear aura (slows nearby enemies 10% stacking to 20% on 2 uses), and +20 melee damage. The Downside is it consumes 25 health, and gives her tunnel vision. (Tunnel vision gets worse each use and darkens the side and corners of the screen). Comes with 2 Charges on a 90 second cooldown each.


Ultimate - Bramble Patch

Tosses 6 seeds onto target location, each seed rapidly grows over the course a few seconds to form a Spikey Wall. She can place the 6 in any assortment to form different wall shapes, they are thrown in a burst of 3 each resulting in two bursts of seed tosses (Each seed forms a small radius of wall essentially, kinda like a trap). The wall has very high health, blocks enemy movement and projectiles and damage any enemy who melees it or brushes by it recieves 15 damage as well as 10 damage over 2 seconds. The wall lasts roughly 90 seconds before dying to poor gene quality. Takes Double Damage from Thermite Grenades. The Charge time will be very long as it is a high impact zoning ability.


Theme and Counters - The whole playstyle of this Character is becoming threating at close range, tanky, and forcing enemies into awkard close range enagements. She will be weak at range and frequent use of the Sap will weaken her. Counters include; Pathfinder Zipline over BrambleWall, Wraith Portal through wall, Thermite Grenades, waiting it out.


Backstory - She used to be a Farmer on one of the Colony planets, trying to start a new life after being an outlaw. She suceeded for many years until ruin came upon her planet and she lost her crop and her home. She decided to gather her remaining seeds and tinker and research them (They are wild and alien plants that she merely harvested and replanted every half-year on her land.) She bought a spaceship with the remaining currency she had and grew small beds of her plants on her ship. After finding out about the Apex Legend Arena and its location in the abandoned wilds and old outposts she was interested. So she signed up and fought her way in using her knowledge of the environment and the alien species in it.


Look - She is a Tall, Large and Burly Farmer accustomed to harsh environments and thrives in them. She has a Southern/Country accent and prefers little conversation and keeps to herself mostly. Wears a bandana and a rugged duster with a beat up flannel shirt. Overall has an appearence of someone from an Apocalypse mixed with Sci Fi mixed with a Farmer. (Kinda like Bloodhound Style-wise)


Thanks for reading and I hope you consider adding someone likes this to Apex, I love the game Respawn! (I have an alternate version of the Tactical ability if no one likes this one)


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Re: Thorn, a new Legend Idea and Pictures

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This is pretty good stuff! we also have similar names!

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Re: Thorn, a new Legend Idea and Pictures

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Yo this sounds gnarly. 

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Re: Thorn, a new Legend Idea and Pictures

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I really like her ultimate and its interconnection with termite grenade. Maybe the wall should damage enemies with disputes or shooting with thorns to nearby enemies. Thorns also can have poison but it looks pretty similar Caustic's tactical. Her passive sounds pretty good and also could make poisonous damage to enemy after his melee attack. This makes her pretty nasty foe in melee combat. And without doubt I enjoy her story) Good legend!
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Re: Thorn, a new Legend Idea and Pictures

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Thanks! Yeah that would be cool she applied that poison effect to enemies after being melee'd too.
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Re: Thorn, a new Legend Idea and Pictures

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Nice i really like this character you have come up with. You obviously put a lot of time.effort and detail to think up this creation. It would be really awesome to see someone like this added into the game.

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