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Sugestions for Characters, map and game mode!

by MrShinori

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Sugestions for Characters, map and game mode!

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Hello everyone, I was procrastinating at home and I had some really cool ideas for the game (I hope that result kkkk).

I thought of 3 characters, being a tracker, and two offensive:
The Tracker would be a character focused on sound, so his skills are focused on finding enemies through the steps, uses of items, exchanges of weapons and when reloading the ammunition:
Passive: All noise made by opposing players is enlarged, making it easier to find enemies during combat or exploration.
Tactical ability: Allows the character to place radios in strategic places (Maximo 1 and 2), thus revealing their location for the team, but radios make noise, which allows enemies to find them to destroy them.
UTI: Reveal all enemies nearby in your heartbeat, so a battle makes it easy to find them, but you will not be able to hear other things like shots and footsteps because the character is "focused."
One of the offensives would be Brazilian and would be focused on Parkour and capoeira, so it would have abilities to climb, move and physical combat:
Passive: Allows them to scale walls, houses and more faster.
Tactical ability: Increases physical damage temporarily. It could be a syringe similar to the Octane, which takes life to be used.
UTI: Increases running speed and allows it to jump higher.
The other would be based on the Master Chef of Halo, would be an offensive character, focused on the use of shields:
Passive: When you are out of combat, your shield will slowly reload. (If you have not gotten a shield, it will have no effect.)
Tactical Ability: Allows you to create two additional temporary shield bars (not affected by passive) in exchange for their mobility. (The extra bars do not exceed 4, if you have a full purple or gold shield, you will have no use, only if you have taken damage, and if you have a gray, it will become 4 bars, if it is blue, you will only win one .)
UTI: Allows the creation of a white energy weapon that deals a lot of physical damage, and increases its speed, you can not use other weapons while you have an active UTI.
The map in question would be divided between forest and desert, the forest would have several houses, and several ruins to use for protection in fighting, would also have rivers and bridges, allowing players to have combat experience in a forested area. Already the other part would be a huge desert, with houses of stones and those towers of black surveillance, that are located near the areas "Artillery" and "Repulsor". With these two distinct areas, the right skin could really make a difference as it would camouflage the character on the map.
As for game mode, it would be a zombie apocalypse CO-OP mode, similar to Day Z, where the mission of players is to retake all areas of the map infested by zombies. The squad leader would be the host of the session, so that he could have enough servers, and the players could play at will. It would not take 3 players, it could be done in double and even solo. With each restarted area, it could increase the difficulty, with mini-bosses and even random bosses for the match, so the choice of legends and teamwork of players would be fundamental, being able to have unique skins and banners for those who win these modes.
The clear gameplay would be similar to a dlc, so it would cost money as it is an extra mode and it would not interfere with the normal game, just adding cosmetics to the game.
That's it, say what you think and comment to upload the post.
(Sorry for bad English)
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Re: Sugestions for Characters, map and game mode!

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