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Specific callouts

by LightlyDrippedTT

Original Post

Specific callouts

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Make the callouts more specific


as i mentioned before and i would like to repet myself


give the cities a specific callouts insted of lets go there


and an add for that


make that it will do the same for hop ups for god sake


man pffff dont get me started on this one


when a character is saying i need a hop up its too general 

people wont look on the high left on the screen just to see which ones

and there are some that requiers more that one


you can make it work for weapons that can be used with more than one


holding Left mouse bottun and it will show the choices just to click on


oh and heres ANOTHER thing for callouts


lets say you already have a tier 2 barrel and you need a tier 3 one

insted of not saying anything and just ignoring

change it that it will say i need a tier 3 or higher barrel

same goes for all the attachments


in this type of game callouts just improtant as skill

and what makes this game special that this is a team only game 

which force players to play togather 


you want to make it through then this is a thing youll have to work on



-i know it cost ton sugar honey ice , tea money


but if you want stuff to work youll need to work on small details as well

it impresses people when they see how much work and thought given to a thing

and they like to see the small details as well it makes them feel like things are well thought through


any way have fun GG

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Re: Specific callouts

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pop up

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