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Special abilites

by LightlyDrippedTT

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Special abilites

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i probley spelled that title worng but anyway


Just like you added that 20% more defense to the shield legends 

i think you should add more special ability's like that to all of the legends


lets say to the assult legends

you can add 10% more damage boost


to the tracker/sniper legend well hes the only one yet

30% more damage with sniper but heres a catch 

you can make it intresting

make it as it depends on the range

if the target is close range put it at 7.5 more damage as it lay between 5-10 

its at the middle not too high and not too low


the Life legends should have 25 more hp boost 


stuff like that as i said before small details and improvment are as just important as a big patch 

the big updates are for hype and drawing attention and the small improvments are for keeping them here


anyway have fun GG

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Re: Special abilites

★★★★ Novice

pop up

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