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Solo-queue-only Legend idea

by FEVER_TheSage

Original Post

Solo-queue-only Legend idea

★★★★ Novice

So guys, i have an idea here for a balanced, fun, rewarding solo-queue-only legend.
This way it's a fun character to play, rewards aggression and skill, disincentivizes hiding/camping, and puts everyone on equal footing character-wise instead of trying to let different legends go solo mode.
Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
Think it's total garbage? Think it's pure genius? LET ME HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS!


APEX LEGENDS SOLO CHARACTER (possible name: Blisk? or close variation?)
The all-around Soldier-utility class, designed with exclusively solo play in mind
Would be only legend useable in solo queue
Would not be useable outside solo queue


Combat Adrenaline
-20% speed boost for 3 seconds after reloading
---does not stack; refreshes 3 second duration
Passive Aggression
-Ult charge on damage dealt
---1 second removed per 1.25 damage dealt; 4 seconds removed per 5 damage dealt
-------(300 damage dealt = 1 full cooldown, carefully considered various numbers between 1 and 2 before settling on 1.25 dmg per 1 sec removed)


Nerves of Steel
-Gain 75 shields temporarily (color: orange?)
---lasts 10 seconds if <75 damage is absorbed
---45 second cooldown


-cooldown: 4 minutes (240 seconds)
-Launches player 40m into the air in 1 second,
---maximum height of 200m? (slightly above balloon height)
---10 seconds maximum airtime
-W,A,S,D control movement while airborne, 80% normal walking speed
-hold 'Space' while airborne: quickly accelerate to maximum height
-hold 'Left Ctrl' while airborne: quickly slow and hover at constant height
-Re-deploy when/if maximum height is reached
-Weapons/grenades MAY be used/swapped while airborne
-Natural charge begins after re-deploy or upon landing from hover
-Passive charge per damage begins to apply immediately after initial Jetpack use



-Passive mobility that applies when most needed: in combat. Typically won't be active immediately in a fight, only after the initial burst of bullets.
Keeping a gun a single round of ammo from fully loaded and reloading as you come up to a fight is an intelligent way to use this passive, but doesn't make it broken enough to be an "exploit".
-Rewarded for being aggressive and not hiding/camping, and also more rewarding for more skilled players: Do more damage, kill more players, get more flight time.
-Survival-in-combat based activate, VERY skill-based on timing its use to maximize value
-Re-position to high ground, ledges, away from combat (similar to using Pathfinders zipline); or hover around in 3D shooting all the ants below stuck in 2D movement for 10 seconds;
also would be fun as heck to fly around, and difficult to master Jetpack flight, so a unique and skill-rewarding fun-to-use ultimate that adds a unique element to solo queue.

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Re: Solo-queue-only Legend idea

[ Edited ]
★★★★★ Apprentice

I personally am not interested in a solo mode, however I know many players are. And I think the idea you have came up with is a fantastic idea.

Some legends you could use for solo, but some you could not, for example Lifelines passive (shield when reviving). So by using one set character, such as Blisk, would make it an even playing field. 


However, I think playing as the same Legend could possibly run dry pretty quick, so here’s my suggestion. Blisk could be the basic Legend you start off with, but you can create your own character to fit your play style, by completing challenges in squad mode. These challenges would have something to do with each Legends passive, tactical and ultimate. Say if you want to unlock Lifelines ultimate on your custom character in solo, you would have to call in 100 care packages in squad mode. If you want Gibraltar’s Gun Shield, you would have to block 10000 damage with your gun shield etc. 

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Re: Solo-queue-only Legend idea

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★★★★ Novice

That's an interesting idea: continuous rewarding progression, and customizable legends. My only concern with even having solo queue with more than one option of legend; there would definitely emerge a "clear best legend" or "clear best custom ability combo", and it would end up with the same legend being used by everyone anyways. Balancing out a meta is a tough feat.

But I am a fan of the customizable legends, and how you said to unlock the abilities.


(Also, one character would in fact get boring after some time, but I tried to design the Jetpack to be that "different thing each time" because of its high learning curve and multiple nifty uses.

I tried to make it fun enough and challenging enough it makes you wanna play some amount of solos just to jetpack around :D )

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Re: Solo-queue-only Legend idea

Community Manager

There are some great ideas here, lots of meaningful in-combat decisions. 

As for a hypothetical Solo mode (nothing to announce, sorry) in my mind everyone would be using heavily modified DUMMIEs. 

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Re: Solo-queue-only Legend idea

★★★★ Novice

The whole problem of everyone using "modified dummies" is kind of what i tried to base my design around. In that, since everyone has the same "modified dummy", the abilities he has and choices you can make around and with them have such a high variance and skill cap that each player and their different playstyle nearly feels like a completely different legend. You wouldn't really have one cookie-cutter way to respond to everyone, even though they are technically using the same legend, you'd have to adapt pretty dynamically.


Of course, a game designed with teamplay in mind has certain challenges associated with solo mode. That's also why i started this discussion, in the hopes enough people can get some great ideas out there and we can come up with a great solution to the challenges of solo mode (so you devs don't have to) :D

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Re: Solo-queue-only Legend idea

★★★ Apprentice
I agree
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Re: Solo-queue-only Legend idea

★★★★ Novice

Anyone had any new ideas, or insights, into some of these problems? The more brains think, the better our answers can be :D

Alternatively, what would everyone think of the "Blisk" legend idea above in Duos/Squads? Probably modified a bit, but as a base idea or taking from the abilities we've come up with? (I feel however it happens, Jetpack is too cool of an idea to not get in the game somehow, and a rewarded-for-action-and-skill system like a cooldown reduced for damage dealt or something else would raise the overall skill level of the game I feel).

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