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Seasonal Legends

by PJBurrows1991

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Seasonal Legends

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How would you guys like Legends that can only be acquired by completing seasonal challenges? For example, near Valentine’s Day there could be a Cupid based Legend. 


Passive: Love at first sight - When you are hit by the first bullet, you can not be damaged for 1 second. Cool down 20 seconds. 


Tactical: None I can think of. 


Ultimate: Arrow of love - Pull out a bow and arrow, any enemies hit with an arrow can not damage you while this ultimate is active. 


The example above is just a stupid, quick example I just came up with to explain what I mean. Instead of unlocking this Legend with Apex coins, you would unlock it free of charge for a specified number of time, and you would have to complete challenges. One of the challenges could be “make 10 legends fall in love with you”. This would entail you using your ultimate, and hitting 10 enemies with an arrow. 

If you complete this challenge, you unlock this character forever, free of charge. This way it isn’t pay to win. However, if you did miss out on unlocking it, you could pay a small price to unlock it. 


This would be a great way to keep the player base playing, and also help EA/Respawn make money. 


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Re: Seasonal Legends

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please no... i see where you are coming from, but no
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Re: Seasonal Legends

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Any reasons why not? 

As an ex fortnite player, what use to keep me invested in the game was doing the daily/weekly challenges to level up the battle pass. 

I believe Apex needs some kind of challenge system (it may come in season 2), and this was just my two cents to make it different from fortnite. 

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Re: Seasonal Legends

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It would turn off the people who would be free to play. Personally, I'm more likely to buy Apex Coins vs. spend money and time trying to get a character. I as super happy that Octane was not part of the battle pass. This is especially true because each legend has their own abilities and play style, and restricting that could turn people away. I almost got into Fortnite but got turned off when there was a limited time skin that would have cost me money and lots of time to get. It's just not as enjoyable

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Re: Seasonal Legends

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If it sounded like I was disrespectful sorry about that. I just would not like to see that in this game.
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Re: Seasonal Legends

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You did not come across as disrespectful, don’t worry man. 

Obviously we aren’t going to agree on everything and I understand where you are coming from, but personally I would like to see some challenge system that grants great rewards. If not Legends, then maybe new skins or banners etc. 

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Re: Seasonal Legends

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Personally, I would support this idea. I like diversity in the Legends and this would be pretty good addition. Every event like Lunar new year, Christmas etc... could have seasonal weopens/items that would aid in the unlocking of the Legend. For example, Halloween could have a pumpkin grenade that when thrown, emits a laughing sound before exploding in a cloud of green fog. A potential challenge could be  spook 10 enemies with pumpkin grenade. The ultimate prize would be the halloween themed Legend.

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Re: Seasonal Legends

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The great thing about it is everyone could still unlock it free of charge, but if for some reason they were unable to complete the challenge, they could pay  for it. At the end of the day EA are a business and they need to make money. I’ve spent money on Fortnite but Apex doesn’t have anything I want to buy. 

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