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Re: Legend Concept - Bengal (Smuggler Legend) Re imagined

by Cabowse

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Re: Legend Concept - Bengal (Smuggler Legend) Re imagined

★★★ Apprentice

This legend was originally made by Cabowse but it seemed a little to OP so I remade him.


Passive-Smugglers Eye: Bengal can detect barrels that have supplies in them.


Active-Shutdown: Will pull out a bomb and when thrown down will send an electrical shock on the floor for 11 seconds and it goes 30 meters. This ability damages everyone but also slows everyone. Shock deals 4 damage per second.


Ultimate-Cutthroat: Throws 2 sets of daggers each set consists of 3 knives and each knife deals 15 damage they also slow down whoever gets hit. Cooldown is 55 seconds.


Every match load out there would be barrels randomly scattered and they would only appear to people that play Bengal. There are only 35 barrels and they only drop gun attachments and guns. The highest tier a chest will drop is blue.


What the Barrels look like

Image result for barrel drawing


This is Bengal


Image result for futuristic pirate smuggler drawing


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Re: Legend Concept - Bengal (Smuggler Legend) Re imagined


Love the design you came up with!


Originally when I came up with the idea, being able to take control of supply ships was the idea I centred him around, so would love for that to remain as his passive. Which part about him did you feel was OP?

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Re: Legend Concept - Bengal (Smuggler Legend) Re imagined

★★★ Apprentice

I felt that his passive and ultimate were OP I changed ability to new ability because I thought it fit better if I did.

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