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Re: New fire-based legend

by FrakkedRabbit

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New fire-based legend

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So i've been playing apex for a while now and i've recently thought to myself. "What if there was a fire-based legend in apex?" So here's the baseline, this can be tweaked in many ways, i just would like to see a fire-based legend.


Passive ability: Give immunity to thermite grenades


Active ability: a flamethrower or fire grenade that behaved like a molotov or something


Ultimate ability: I was thinking something along the lines of an orbital napalm strike over a certain area


And that's the basework of an idea for a character I had. I'm excited to see what comes next and as always, see you in the ring.

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Re: New fire-based legend

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Well, what a coinkydink, I also had an idea for a fire based legend.


Name: Tharsis (Droid - Female - Assault Class)


Active Skill: Firestar (Two on separate cooldowns)

Ultimate Skill: Thermal Shield (Personal Defense Shield - Blocks Incoming Fire - Damages Nearby Enemies)

Passive Skill: Fire Keeper (Immunity to Fire - Extra gun damage while standing in fire)


Mine is just a template as well, needs much more detail that I'm just too lazy to put effort into.  



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Re: New fire-based legend

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I like the Idea but the passive should be immune to fire in general so they can just use flamethrower freely, kind of like Caustic
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Re: New fire-based legend

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Oh yes i love me some firestars, plus i love the gun damage while in fire bit, would be intimidating too. I see she will be kinda like Scorch with the Flame Shield, i can dig it. Keep up with the good ideas folks!
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