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New Season = New Map?

by BlooMesCudi32

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New Season = New Map?

★★★★ Novice

The Capital

A new map taking place in a high rise city with plenty of sky scrapers covered with advertisements or either dense fog.


Hopefully if the company wants to take a big leap on us, they already got a map of their own planned and ready to ship in the 1st season this March.


For now I want to show my own take of ideas on a new map. 

The Capital will hold the following.

  • Slower Ziplines(black rubber grip)
  • Mantleable Gondalas from Zipline
  • Running Start Pads(Leading into rings that continue a thrust flight path)
  • Elevators taking place in buildings(Destructble but a vertical zip line will take it's place after)
  • Dense fog in certain areas against the skyscrapers
  • Jump ships that are more capable of sticking around as a sense of transportation(shows flight path when boarded and random each game)

I'm hoping this can be a map where either snipers take over the fight outside and shotguns inside. Of course you will find those medium range fights for auto-fire weapons also. I just want a change in pace when battling.


Let me now your own take on a map or share your changes for The Capital.

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Re: New Season = New Map?

★★★★★ Novice

I assume they're already working on some new locations because the whole planet is a arena essentially.

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Re: New Season = New Map?

Community Manager

Thanks for taking the time to share your ideas with the community @BlooMesCudi32, it's great to see how passionate Apex Legends players are for the game.


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Re: New Season = New Map?

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Well, even though I have been having a ton of fun on Kings Canyon, we all know it can get tiresome if we don't get a change of view after sometime. You guys have enabled me to play a BR that has given more wins than any other. Keep up all of your guys hard work Respawn.
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Re: New Season = New Map?

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I assume they're already working on some new locations because the whole planet is a arena essentially.

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Re: New Season = New Map?

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It is actually a cool idea. Pathfinder and mirage both have skins called Angel City xXx. Maybe Angel City can be the urban map, with lots of tight corners, vertical combat and climbs. And maybe some lore you could find around the map, like billboards advertising things to establish the setting or time period.


All in all I really want an urban battleground. Maybe some kind of heirarchy can be shown, like a slum on one section of the map and a rich suburb on another. I think some characters would excel and others would adapt. Like mirage could do well with checking corners and Wraith could offer a quick way up and down a skycraper.

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Re: New Season = New Map?

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One thing I do hope they do NOT do is remove maps when a new one comes in, having 3-5 randomly selected maps would be very fun.
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