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Re: New Potential Legend: Pyro (Pathfinder's nemesis)

by ShowMeUrDeathBox

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New Potential Legend: Pyro (Pathfinder's nemesis)

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New legend idea I thought was fun and wanted to share with the developers.  This would be a negative attitude themed robot to counter Pathfinder's personality, I enjoyed the idea of having another trapper type class that could lay a type of land mine and set up sort of like Caustic does.  


Passive: Inner Fire - Ability to destroy survey beacons to deny other Pathfinders / Reduction to explosive damages such as thermite, frag grenades, arc stars and trip mines (Maybe a slight resistance to Bangalore's/Gibraltar's ultimate ability).


Tactical: Trip Mine - Sets up a tactical motion sensor land explosive that triggers when enemies come too close.


Ultimate: Thermal Rage - Rapidly pours out thermite out of his left arm, sort of like a flamethrower while being able to attack, maybe cursing Pathfinder's positive upbeat attitude as he does.



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Re: New Potential Legend: Pyro (Pathfinder's nemesis)

This makes me think of Megaman with Dr. Wily and Dr. Light, good times.

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