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Re: New Map Concept: Floating Islands

by PJBurrows1991

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New Map Concept: Floating Islands

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Basically this map is based on floating islands. There is 10 islands in total (that number could change). Each island is at different heights. However, the islands positioning could be different per game. The island which is at the bottom one game, could be on the top level the next game, or even in the middle. There is also debris floating around all the islands. 


When you jump from the ship, before you land, you have to dodge the debris - go above, go under, go around or go through holes in the debris. 


The storm works differently on this map. The storm is already active from the get go. The storm is actually below the top 4 floating islands. 


Once the ship has left the arena, a second storm appears above the islands. 


After a few minutes both storms start descending, forcing you to going to lower ground. You have to jump from the islands and glide to get to lower ground, but yet again you have to dodge debris.


If you hit debris you lose 50 health. If you lose all your health you die instantly (as if you jumped off the side of the map) but your banner can still be retrieved. 


Every round, the two storms lower, and the battlefield gets smaller. 


If two or more teams make it to the bottom island, the two storms come together until there is a victor. 

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Re: New Map Concept: Floating Islands

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