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New Legend: Tremor

by BlackJesus423

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New Legend: Tremor

★★★ Apprentice




Passive - Ground and pound: Anytime you are falling from a height of 15 or more meters you have the option to pound the ground and do 23 damage to all enemies within an 8m radius. If falling from 25 or more meters enemies hit will be slowed 8% for 1.5 sec.


Tactical -  Rock wall: Erect a wall (the size of a two single doors) that adsorbs 75 damage or crumbles after 8 seconds. 35 sec cooldown


Ultimate - Boulder toss: Rip up a boulder from the ground and toss it at your enemies for 50 damage (like a tank in left 4 dead). 3 min cool down

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Re: New Legend: Tremor

★★★★★ Apprentice

Love this Legend. I can’t fault it, but... there’s always a but. I’m starting to think our (mine included) concepts are starting to get a bit unrealistic for Apex. 

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Re: New Legend: Tremor

★★★ Apprentice
I agree
Fantasy has gone to our minds.
I too try very hard to root my characters into reality
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Re: New Legend: Tremor

★★★ Apprentice

I agree i wish i there was a test system where you could try out new ability's for Legends. So you know what would work in game

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