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Re: New Legend:Mayhem

by BlackJesus423

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New Legend:Mayhem

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★★★ Apprentice



Gender: Male

Class: Solider


Passive - Survivalist: Mayhem gains 10 hp for each enemy knocked, and 15 hp for each enemy killed


Tactical - Firing Decoy: Throw out a grenade that mimics enemy fire. Can be heard from 30m away. 3 charges, 25 sec charge time


Ultimate - Reversal: Throw a grenade that reverses enemies walking, shooting and aiming for 6 seconds. (EX: looking up on your analog stick would now cause you to look down, your aim down sights button would now be your fire button. ) 4 min cool down


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Re: New Legend:Mayhem

Community Manager

Would love to see a decoy as a tactical or pickup for everyone in Kings Canyon. Can't tell you how many times we're in a huge firefight and repeatedly tell ourselves "there's gotta be 3 more squads heading this way....time to leave!"


Would be a great way to bait enemies into a cave with traps. Standard smile


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Re: New Legend:Mayhem

★★★ Apprentice



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Re: New Legend:Mayhem

★★★ Apprentice
TBH I think if it was a pickup for everybody it would be to Chaotic on the map lol
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Re: New Legend:Mayhem

★★★ Apprentice

Love the art!

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