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New Legend : Hacker

by asukojo

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New Legend : Hacker

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Hacker love to science and technology. He love to break things, and create chaos to gain advantage for himself.

He expert in communication system, and all other legends tactical and knows how to hack them. 




Tactical: Distruptor signal.

1. He can hide distruptor who transmit jam signal. Enemy who is in the radius of jam signal will lost communication with their team mate. They cannot see each other on the map, can't see the celllulate on the screen, can't ping, can't even speak through microphone, basically like dissapear. Enemy will lost their critical coordination/communication during the battle. Enemy has find and destroy this distruptor to restore their communication with team mate.

2. If enemy down, his team mate won't know it, as well where he's located, since communication with him is dead, they've to phsycally search from the last known location.


Ultimate: Disable other legends tactical for certain duration (TBD)

1. When he enable his ultimate, Enemy that is in the range of distruptor beam, not only lost communication, but they can't use their tactical.

    So Wraith can't escape, lifeline can't deploy health drone, caustic can't put trap, mirage can't bambuzle, banglore can't put smoke, Gibby can't put dome shield etc.


   Note: Ideally, he should be distrupt Bangolore air strike and Gibby ultimate as well, but it will be unfair to these 2 legends.



1. If Enemy ping him, he will get notify and their ping will be mess up and ping randomly to totally different location so team mate goes to wrong location.




1. Break enemy archiless hill which is communication and team work, creating a chaos and confusion.

2. Disable enemy tactical during battle.

3. Strong in mazed where there're a lot of room, alley, such as skull town.

4. Strong in ambushing a solo who wonder off from the team.



1. His tactical doesn't work effectively in open space where enemy can visualize each other.

2. No escape ability once got spotted face to face.


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