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New Legend: Gummy

by GameAnax

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New Legend: Gummy

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First name: Kate

Last Name: Pine



BackStory: As a child, Kate's parents ran a sweet shop. Kate always had a fascination with war and gum it may sound weird but these two things were her passion. As Kate got older she started to watch the Apex games and she had come to a decision to join after she had seen Octane perform. Kate made the decision to become more popular than Octane and be his rival, she knew she had to be flashy so she put her love for gum into her plan. Kate made gadgets to utilize gum such as making gum bombs to slow down opponents and be able to manipulate it to her will. 


Finisher-GumBall Atack?!!: Gummy will blow a huge bubble of gum and trap the knocked player inside as the bubble grows. When the bubble pops the knocked player is turned into a death box.


Passive- Gets a 25% health boost.


Tactical-Shoots a pink sludge that slows down the target by 15% 25 second cooldown


Ultimate-Deploys a large wall of sludge that can absorb damage for 35 seconds. 2.5 minutes

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Re: New Legend: Gummy

Community Manager

I'm visualizing some type of finisher with her blowing a huge bubble with chewing gum. Love the name. 

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Re: New Legend: Gummy

Community Manager

She would definitely need an antagonistic backstory with Octane. 

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