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New Legend Concept- Shellgame


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New Legend Concept- Shellgame

★★★★ Novice

Passive- silent footsteps, pistols have silencer attached, already has low level backpack


Tactical- Dropbox -sets a box on top of himself for stealth. Sort of like the box below that is common throughout map. Cannot shoot at enemies, but can heal while inside box. Enemies can’t hurt Shellgame while ability is activated. Can’t move while box is activated. Box can last 30 seconds. It can last longer at the expense of health. Can be detected by other Legends perks. 





Ultimate- Smorgasbord. Builds a supply box similar to ones found throughout map with five random ammo boxes and two random attachments inside. No weapons included.







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Re: New Legend Concept- Shellgame

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Since Lifeline can drop random items it would be cool to have a Legend drop ammo and weapon attachments. The loot box idea is interesting, seems a little more powerful than Lifeline's though since she has to heal in the open (although she can heal the whole team). We've seen other players suggest loot boxes that can be planted as decoys, perhaps with explosives that trigger when opened.

Thanks for sharing!


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