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New Legend Concept: Haxed

by HaydWatkiss

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New Legend Concept: Haxed

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Hello all,


In my opinion Wraith, Pathfinder and Octane are slightly OP hence their popularity, So i have came up with a New Legend that can balance things out a little more.


Tactical Equipment Hacker -


Style: Geeky Computer Hacker


Passive - The ability to spot enemies Zip Lines, Gas Traps (Only 1 out of a possible 5 will be visible), Jump Pads, other Haxed Cameras and Portals from 5 metres away. Visible through any object. 


Tactical - Deploy a wall mounted motion detecting Camera, Which you could view using the hand held device seen when using Ultimate Accelerant.

  • The Cameras are able to be destroyed by enemy gun fire only 
  • Haxed has the ability to hack other Haxed cameras (3 seconds) giving you 2 cameras to view
  • Camera signal will be lost after 20 seconds, if you hack a camera signal time is reset.
  • Viewing cameras will leave you exposed to enemies 
  • You can ping enemies when viewing cameras to let your squad know. 
  • Once a camera is placed, it is fixed to that position.
  • If any motion is detected within the 20 second window, a beeping sound will alert you to check your camera.
  • Camera are detectable to a Bloodhounds Scan.

Ultimate - A Device that can hack enemies equipment


Zipline - If hacked it will ignite into a rope of fire that will damage any enemies using it (Damage comparable to a Thermite grenade) forcing enemies to bail off if distance is far. Rope of fire is only activated when an enemy uses the zipline, rope will stay alight for 10 seconds, a lit up zipline can be seen from a good distance so other enemies will be alerted that a zipline is in use.


Gas Traps - If hacked will convert the gas into shield, so if you or team members are stood near it you will all gain 50 shield.


Jump Pads - If hacked will deactivate the jump pad and will deploy spikes if jumped on by an enemy, taking 50 shield or health.


Portals - If hacked will randomise the portals path meaning if a enemy team was to use it they could all end up in different locations around the map. We all know what happens if you don't stick with your team. You may get lucky and teleport behind a team but the portal opening will make a noise which can be heard from around 10 metres away. Once a portal has been hack, the timer is reset and the portal will stay open for a further 60 seconds


Care package - Once you have taken your loot, You can hack it so it closes back up and the light will turn back on so that you can bait some enemies. Does not include Lifeline packages. 


Hacking will take 5 seconds which will leave you exposed to gunfire. 


For me Jump Pads, Portals and Zip Lines are generally one time use items to cover a great distance or to get up into a better spot or to escape fire from enemies and that why i believe having the ability to hack these items wouldn't be a disadvantage to the player that activated them in the beginning but to other enemies that are taking advantage of somebody else's ultimate ability (But will be met with a little surprise)


Let me know what you think below or perhaps how this could be improved.




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