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Re: New Legend Cocept: Feather

by Cabowse

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New Legend Cocept: Feather

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My Concept art


Passive: Scavenger: Gets an extra 3 backpack slots.


Tactical: Bins of Glory: Throws a grenade that drops two supply bins. Best used for teammates that recently re-spawned.


Ultimate: Pirate Package: Spawns a supply package like Lifeline, but it comes down slightly slower than a normal supply drop. It has 1 guaranteed Legendary items. There is no Legendary weapons in the package like a Lifeline package. Charge time is 300 seconds

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Re: New Legend Cocept: Feather

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I've seen this on Reddit before
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Re: New Legend Cocept: Feather


Interesting concept but the ultimate seems waay too strong with 2 guaranteed legendary items, perhaps just 1? Charge time probably 300 seconds?




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