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Re: New Game Mode: Contend

by GboyBhabitz670

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New Game Mode: Contend

★★★★★ Apprentice

This game mode works differently to the normal battle royale. Instead of having 1 circle, there is 5. 


Stage 1. Land and loot, there is no circle.


Stage 2. After a few minutes 5 circles appear on the map. There is a small count down. Once the countdown hits zero, the storm appears everywhere except the 5 circles. The storm does more damage in this game mode to encourage players to get into the circles ASAP. 


Stage 3. There is another count down. When it hits zero, the storm disappears but so does 1 of the circles. 


Stage 4. Repeat stage 2 and 3 until there is only 1 circle. The circles get smaller per round. 


Stage 5. The last circle will keep getting smaller until there is no circle left. 


Pathfinders passive ability works differently in this mode. Instead of seeing where the next circle will be, he can see what circle will disappear. 


This is game mode will force players in to More fights. 



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Re: New Game Mode: Contend

★★★ Apprentice

Actually seems like a pretty interesting game mode. Kinda helps makes the fights like if balanced, each circle would have 6 squads in each circle in level 1. Seems like it would be a face-paced intense game mode but definitely interesting to play.

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Re: New Game Mode: Contend

★★★★★ Apprentice

Thanks Gboy. I have came up with a big issue with this game mode though and that is by the 2nd circle there could be only 5 squads left (the victor from each circle). That means the rest of the game could be quite slow. A fix for this could be, the circles are big enough so you don’t have to engage enemies if you don’t want too, or have more than 5 circles. Maybe 9 circles, and reduce it by 2 every round. 


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Re: New Game Mode: Contend

★★★ Apprentice

Right, that is true. Starts of rlly intense then progresses to a slow-paced battle.


Maybe perhaps the number of circles is based on the number of players/squads left. Like for every 4 squads/12 players, a circle will appear (made a mistake with my first reply). So starting with 60 players/20 squads, there are 5 circles. 2nd round if there are only about 10 squads/30 players(give or take) there would be 3 circles. Could be hard to manage but could be a way to keep the game going and making it impossible for it to slow down.


I wonder do Dev's even consider our suggestions or are these just for like to get the public opinion??Thinking

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Re: New Game Mode: Contend

★★★★★ Apprentice

Yeah, I noticed you made a mistake with your maths but I didn’t want to correct you haha.


Tbh, I think this would be a case of trial and error to see what works best. 


I’m not sure if devs consider our ideas. I hope they do. I know they do read them, and they tend to reply. So I think if an idea is good enough they might use it in the future, however they probably already have their own ideas they want to use first before getting ideas from the community. 

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Re: New Game Mode: Contend

★★★ Apprentice

True, and thanks for not correcting me but im welcome to pointing out my mistakes XD. 


Yeah, i wanna see what they have in store for the near future. Hoping to see more updates on current legends and new ones as well.

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Re: New Game Mode: Contend

★★★★★ Apprentice

Have you suggested any ideas? I love reading what the community has to say. 

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Re: New Game Mode: Contend

★★★ Apprentice

I haven't suggested any new legend ideas yet but I enjoy reading some of the ones others suggested. 

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