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New Character Ideas

by SuNd4wN_TV

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New Character Ideas

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Greetings, I have recently been pondering over potential character options for the future and have ended up compiling a short list of ideas that I currently have...


• ability short cooldown
• ability long cooldown


• Personal Rocket Booster Pack (rocket boosts player up and forward for 3-5 seconds while being able to fire weapons whilest in operation - has some small level of player control after launch)
• Team Relocation Rocket Device (team relocation via a landed rocket with outer seating arrangements. The rocket boosts up to a simmilar hight to the Drop Ship where upon players are regrouped for travel upon descent)


• x2 Attack Drones (You send in highspeed legged ground drones which emitt small area of affect proximity scans and give small arms support. They can highlight bombs, traps, and players at close range within an area of affect. Each proximity scan is every 3 seconds)
• x1 Skydrone (A small armored quadrotor drone is launched straight up from its current location. This provides a wide area enemy proximity alert scan every 5 seconds. The ability signals on the map a red dot for and a brief second and it also shows as a players outline in red when seen visually, however the drone can be destroyed if noticed by the opponent)


• Personal Shield Regenerator (x1 shield regen per use, x2 self shield heals)
• Team Area Shield Regenerator (area of effect team shield regeneration per second to players within circumference)


• Syringe Dart Gun (highlights any team player and fires with a auto lock system, x2 shots of a medium/long ranged Syringe heal, can also self cast)
• Adrenaline Boost (while active increases movement speed by 10%, +10% less recoil, -10% damage taken - works as a slower speed boost than Octane, but which has a longer duration of the adrenaline abilitys total duration)


• x2 EMP Pulse Grenades (Throw EMP grenades that kill drones and does area of affect shield damage per second. Pulse per second causes x1 shield loss per second to all players caught within area - the grenades pulse for 3 seconds total)
• Overcharged Shield Shell (invulnerable for 5 seconds, but also unable to fire and movement speed decreased by 25% - however the shields are regenerated to maximum upon leaving invulnerability overcharge)


• Bomb Tunnelling Devices (target area, x5 spread, explosive damage, also gives smoke wall barrier - with a small strike area compared to Bangalore, however the detonation would be after a 3 second countdown heard as 3 beeps increasing in sound pitch)
• Team Tunnelling Relocation Vehicle (equal to maximum travel distance of the Rocket Relocation but with a longer cooldown - upon activation has a maximum of 30 seconds before launch - all entered team members are relocated upon players launch where upon players will have 10 seconds to choose a place on the systems map before it is chosen by random).
< Note: only certain areas with the terrain requirements may be selected >

Hopefully this may be of some insipration or food for thought at least. If you also have some ideas lets see what we can come up with, I see potential for many characters as long as the game remains well balanced. Speaking of which, the details of the character ideas shown above would most likely need some finer tuning to accomplish an equilibrium.

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