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Map/Game mode Concept [wip] 'Watch Tower'

by UrsakeBearsniak

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Map/Game mode Concept [wip] 'Watch Tower'

★★★★ Novice

***** This is just a concept map, further work will be made if it's worth my time*****


Game mode:


 Instead of Drop ship, you will jump from the Watch Tower.

You and your team will be given a random spot on the top of the tower above a jumping pad (one for each player), after the countdown, the team leader jumps to desired location. Same objective as the normal game mode. But the circle closing time should be faster:


Round / Wait Period / ClosingPeriod / Damage Per Tick

13m 40s1m 2
32m 15s30s6
41m 30s25s7


This means that players are pushed to find their way to the center of the map more quickly and they must work better as a team to win. No more strolling around the map looking for items.


Storm circle:


It will no longer calculate where the most players jumped in order to give a center, the ring will always contract to the map center, the Watch Tower.


Jumping pads:


At the begging of the game, all teams will be given a random slot, separeted from the others, and not being able to move ( just like in the drop ship). After you pick your desired place for landing, just follow the Jumpmaster. The way i see it, the map will be 1500m from center to the edge (3000 from edge to edge). You already are able to jump as far as 1000m from the drop ship, and i think with the help of the jumping pad you will be able to react 1300-1500m.



The map for now is just a concept sketch more, but if i'll receive good feedback on it, i will work more on it. So i kind of need your help with ideas on how i can improve it, what things it should have( eg.: tunels, underground rooms, so on)

Few more pics here:





p.s. this map is for mozzambic only  



 only joking lol

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