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Legends, Weapons, & Feature Ideas

by Comrade_Icy

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Legends, Weapons, & Feature Ideas

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It think that 2 Characters from the Titanfall Universe would be nice for a comeback in Apex Legends, along with old weapons and features.


1st Pilot/Legend: Cloak/Phantom

- Passive: Gun Runner - Shoot your weapons while running with the lost of aiming down sights

- Tactical: Cloak - Become invisible for 10 seconds, but if you shoot, your cloak will come down. Counters would be Arc Star & Bloodhound's Tracker

- Ultimate: Smart Pistol - Auto-Locks on to targets (120 Damage)


2nd Pilot/Legend: Phase/Trojan

- Passive: Data Knife - Hack in into Survey Beacons, Sabotage Respawn Beacons or enemies gadgets

- Tactical: Arc Ticks - Deploys 3 Arc Ticks that can disable enemy armor/gadgets

- Ultimate: Explosive Ticks - Deploys 3 Explosive Ticks (100 Damage)



- CAR - Moderate Recoil Assault Rifle (Heavy Ammo/Select Fire Modes)

- EPG - High Damage Launcher (Energy Ammo)



- Jump Kit Accelerator - Boosts up your Jump Kits for double-jump & wallrunning (found in Supply Drops/Loot Ticks)

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Re: Legends, Weapons, & Feature Ideas

Community Manager

Thanks for the post. I like the 2nd pilot, but I feel the first pilot would be rather (lore-appropriately) overpowered, and might want some toning down. 

I miss the CAR too, hopefully we'll see it in Apex some day.

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Re: Legends, Weapons, & Feature Ideas

Agreed regarding the first, sprint fire could work with an accuracy penalty also though. I like the stealth idea but i mean since that's essentially mirages ultimate , to have it as a standard ability for another legend wouldn't work. Maybe a heavily revised cloak time?

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