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Re: Legend idea: Shin (Shinobi)

by EA_David

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Legend idea: Shin (Shinobi)

★★★★★ Novice

Name: Shin

Female ninja assassin known for her ability to approach from anywhere, take out multiple targets at once and then disappear.


Ultimate: Shinobi's Barrage.

Can throw 5 arc stars spread out over a 90 degree angle Infront of her.


Tactical: Shinobi's Mist.

Throws down a smoke pellet and actives a 5 second camouflage for quick escapes.


Passive: Parkour

Can wall run for 7 steps + climbs 20% higher and faster

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Re: Legend idea: Shin (Shinobi)

Community Manager

That sounds like a fun combo, my instinct is the passive is a bit too powerful.

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Re: Legend idea: Shin (Shinobi)

★★★★★ Novice

Can take off a couple of steps or remove climbing boost to balance it. Maybe swap it for a scouting ability. 

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Re: Legend idea: Shin (Shinobi)

[ Edited ]
★★★ Guide

Love this Legend, but not a fan of the passive. Personally because I don’t like the wall running (that put me off CoD). Perhaps, while sprinting she can vault over small cover and jump further, as well as the faster and higher wall climb.  

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Re: Legend idea: Shin (Shinobi)

★★★ Apprentice
Maybe take away the wall run from passive and add a mark on all enemies affected by arc stars, revealing enemies affected for 5 seconds?
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