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Re: Legend idea: Newton

by Davada69

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Legend idea: Newton

★★ Apprentice





Ultimate: Vortex grenade

Throws a special grenade that creates a small vortex pulling players toward it before exploding.


Tactical: Gravity Trap 

Lay down a pad (similar to jump pads) that causes enemy to float with there current momentum at - 25% speed or increases gravity in a 5M radius slowing enemies by 30%.


Passive: Gravity boots 

Can jump twice while in the air and can pull himself to the ground by holding down jump button


Short Bio: His parents where frontier researchers so he grew up on alot of space stations and became fascinated by the artificial gravity systems. He hopes to use his prize to create a frontier think tank to further his research and prevent more children from constantly being moved around.


How I see him 


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Re: Legend idea: Newton

Community Manager

Love the double jumps in Anthem if you're picturing it like that. Have you ever used the Gravity Star in Titanfall?

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Re: Legend idea: Newton

★★ Apprentice

Never actually played any Titanfall or Anthem. Just looked up a bit of lore

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