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Re: Legend concept: Killswitch

by Davada69

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Legend concept: Killswitch

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Killswitch is a support class.

Bio. A former soldier for the IMC he was left behind and presumed dead in an explosion. Taken in and healed(repaired) by a gang of mercenaries. He is now one of the most feared mercs in the frontier and has slot of hate for big corporations like IMC but will never forget the brothers he fought with. With the prize money he hopes to start his own Merc company and recruit as many of his former brothers in arms as possible


Ultimate: EMP Blast. Punching his robotic hand activates a large EMP device on his back. The EMP depletes all shields within a 15M radius.

Tactical: Shield drone. Detaches a shield recharge drone from his belt. Shield drone works the same as lifelines health drone.

Passive: Shocker. Robotic right hand has a taser built in that deals an extra 10 damage and reduces enemy speed by 20% for 5 seconds

Has weapon knowledge similar to Bangalore


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Re: Legend concept: Killswitch

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This is awesome! I'm just a little confused on how his passive would work. Would it replace melee attacks or would it automatically fire within a certain range?
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Re: Legend concept: Killswitch

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Basically a melee upgrade just punch to use

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Re: Legend concept: Killswitch

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ok that makes sense. might be a tad overpowered though.
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Re: Legend concept: Killswitch

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It's 3 punches to down a unshielded enemy instead of 4 and the right characters can neutralise the speed reduction with there speed boost

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