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Re: Legend Idea: Zero

by EA_Blueberry

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Re: Legend Idea: Zero

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Well yeah... but the damages are reduced 50% and yeah thirsting for me is good Standard smile))
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Re: Legend Idea: Zero

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I don’t think being able to shoot while downed is game breaking, as long as it’s implemented correctly. For example, be unable to use your knockdown shield while firing. Having to shoot from the hip, instead of using sights. Increasing the sway greatly if you move. Totally feasible.
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Re: Legend Idea: Zero

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I like this idea a lot but it is kinda OP and the name zero might have to change because of the specialist Zero in COD: Black Ops 4
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Re: Legend Idea: Zero

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I don’t think it’s OP in concept. You can tweak the numbers, which is all developmental. As for the name, there are a lot of fictional characters named Zero, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility.
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Re: Legend Idea: Zero

Community Manager

I'm personally a fan of being able to use two weapons at the same time, perhaps as an Ultimate ability but you would have to find the right weapon combination for it to be useful. Ideally two pistols or shotguns would make sense because of recoil, but I'm not sure if two Peacekeepers would be balance and Legend makeup would definitely be taken into consideration. 

Great Legend suggestion though, @KF-xSh1r0-VNs! Sounds like a lot of players on these boards are excited for more DPS type of Legends.


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Re: Legend Idea: Zero

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Maybe make it so she can't use knockdown sheild unless it's a legendary shield.Another thing would be when down you only have 1 magazine so you have to use it wisely.

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Re: Legend Idea: Zero

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New Content updated. Guys please check and see if there any problems. Thanks
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Re: Legend Idea: Zero [Updated]

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Perfect Legend
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