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Legend Idea: Zero [Updated]

by KF-xSh1r0-VNs

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Legend Idea: Zero [Updated]

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Kết quả hình ảnh cho Dual Gun character

Best picture I can find on Google. This is my first concept so I really appreciate any suggestions or changes.

Name: Revy Littner
Alias: Zero

Lore: Trained as a soldier to prepare for UnderWorld War Operation, Revy stood as an "unconquerable" champion. She used to live as an orphan go with code "000" and worked in a drug factory until she met Littner - a retired WorldWar hero, who tough her combat skills and brought her a new home, a new life. But then one day he left her away without a word. Revy shocked and panicked after Littner was gone. She joined the military and fought for her own way to find Littner. 


Passive: Gun Enthusiast


Revy can handle more bullets and her fire rate increase when start combat ( +10%) and have the ability to use her gun when knocked but unable to use knockdown shield (-50% gun damages, 1 magazine)

Tactical: Whisk

Revy quickly dash forward, while dashing she is invulnerable to all damages.

Ultimate: CrossFire


Take a few times to prepare, Revy is able to use both of her guns at the same time in exchange for her movement speed (-20%) and fire rate (15%). (30s cooldown)

(She can't use same type of gun)



Thank for helping me <3


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Re: Legend Idea: Zero

Community Manager

I'm personally a fan of being able to use two weapons at the same time, perhaps as an Ultimate ability but you would have to find the right weapon combination for it to be useful. Ideally two pistols or shotguns would make sense because of recoil, but I'm not sure if two Peacekeepers would be balance and Legend makeup would definitely be taken into consideration. 

Great Legend suggestion though, @KF-xSh1r0-VNs! Sounds like a lot of players on these boards are excited for more DPS type of Legends.


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Re: Legend Idea: Zero

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Re: Legend Idea: Zero

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I like the skills and look of its but i think its a bit too OP. Using 2 guns at the same time and without reloading is just nuts xD

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Re: Legend Idea: Zero

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Yeah I think so too but in exchange of that she has a reduction in her speed movement which is really important in Apex. Fixed the Ultimate so Revy can't slide during her ultimate time.
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Re: Legend Idea: Zero

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Imagine 2 R99s on close range with no reloadings its like full squadwipes xD. Or 2 krabers Lol if 1 shot didnt do enough damage you now get double the DMG xD

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Re: Legend Idea: Zero

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haha so true. But she will be a good target right ? Can't movefast, can't slide
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Re: Legend Idea: Zero

[ Edited ]
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Her lack of speed and mobility doesn't matter if she can literally obliterate ANYONE in her way!! That kind of firepower should be reserved for an ULTIMATE and not a Tactical.


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Re: Legend Idea: Zero

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How about some voice lines!!!
“Don’t take it were just in my way.”
“If you can’t me...I don’t know what to say.”
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Re: Legend Idea: Zero

[ Edited ]
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Then what should the Tactical be?


Btw the voices line are pretty good :3
"Watch out for some wrecking ball"

"Ouch! Some bullets hole are making up my day"

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Re: Legend Idea: Zero

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Being able to shoot while downed is my biggest issue with this.. I remember using the glitch where you could do that a ton for the first couple weeks in the game and I’d obliterate enemies cuz they didn’t know where they were being shot from

I feel like it would promote thirsting too.. (low movement speed, gets knocked, immediately gets thirsted)
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