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Legend Idea: Pyro

by Woodowa

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Legend Idea: Pyro

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yeah I know, sounds a little cliche but hear me out. I’ve been thinking about this legend for a while now and I think he would be a nice little addition to apex and he would really spice things up a bit. Meet Pyro, [no image provided] the literal flamethrower. I’d imagine him kind of looking like octane and junkrat from overwatch mixed together? Anyways, his passive ability lets him take 20% less damage from ordnance, frag grenades, arc stars, thermite grenades, all of that kind of stuff. I think it would be a kind of useful ability Incase of a really bad situation you were in and you they were spamming arc stars at you. You wouldn’t die from it as quickly as other legends which is good i guess. His ability on the other hand, it’s a Molotov! Because he’s PYROmaniac and they like fire and a Molotov is, yeah you know where I’m getting at this. Anyways, the Molotov would act similarly to a thermite grenade. You would throw the bad boy and flames would start burning you. But the Molotov would have a larger spread radius and do a little more damage than the thermite grenade, perfect for a bunch of noobs healing up somewhere bunched up together. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the Molotov also slows you down a little too. Finally, his ultimate. the TNT. You’d place it somewhere you would want to place it, like in bunker or something and once you place it on the ground, you would obviously stand away from it and blow it up doing massive amounts of damage to any player around said TNT. Kind of like Junkrats concussion mine or a breach charge in rainbow six siege. Yeah I’m getting off topic, this is getting too long so I hope you guys like my idea of Pyro!

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Re: Legend Idea: Pyro

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This is cool, i absolutely love the idea! 

Unfortunately during the EA play 2019 they said that to make a new legend it takes about two years (correct me if i am wrong?) of work; hopefully they have something already under developement orelse we must wait a couple of years before to see some fire coming to the canyon! 

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Re: Legend Idea: Pyro

EA Staff

Hey @Woodowa,


Your post has been moved from General Discussion to Creators' Corner.


P.S.: I also look forward to the emergence of new legends! Do you have pictures or sketches of your character, I would like to see.
"If someone else's artworks for your Legend, it'd be nice to see it, but be sure to credit them in your post"

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