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Legend Idea: Gueverra Survivalist Expert

by Trizzle34

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Legend Idea: Gueverra Survivalist Expert

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Assisted Search: If an ally pings an item, he will conduct an immediate ping around his area with regards to the ping and signals his team mate about it.



Bagger: He is able to combine same level backpacks to increase its level. Level 1 to Level 2 takes 15 seconds to upgrade; Level 2 to Level 3 takes 20 seconds to upgrade; Level 3 to Level 4 takes 30 seconds to upgrade. Any Level 4 backpack qualities will not be in effect unless a Level 4 backpack is used to combine his existing Backpack.



Hopped Up: He can upgrade the hop-ups in his gun. Skullpiercer will become Fleshpiercer which deals more damage on health, no additional damage for armor or helmets; Precision Choke will become Flechette which removes the damage drop off for longer ranges but removes the shell spread reduction; Turbocharger and Selectfire can be combined in Havoc to create Turbofire which has the combined effect of the two hop-ups. Any hop-ups he upgrade will return to normal when he drops the said hop-up.

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Re: Legend Idea: Gueverra Survivalist Expert

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Re: Legend Idea: Gueverra Survivalist Expert

★★★ Novice

It was the first name that came to my mind. It's still a concept and if EA makes it real but gave it a different name would be fine for me.

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